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The most environmentally friendly projects are competing in TEKNOFEST 2023 finals.

86 teams out of 19,052 teams that applied for the “Environment and Energy Technologies Competition,” organized under the leadership of SANKO Holding, one of the main partners of TEKNOFEST, the world’s largest aviation, space and technology festival, are competing in the finals. In the competition, which was prepared with an environmental theme under the leadership of SANKO Holding, the 86 finalist teams (374 students) are excited to present their projects in front of the jury at the “Environment and Energy Technologies Competition” final, held at Istanbul Ataturk Airport as part of TEKNOFEST 2023.

The goal of the Environment and Energy Technologies Competition is to create a culture of using renewable energy sources and energy efficiency in society, increase awareness in productivity and environmental issues, and develop innovative and technological ideas. SANKO Holding continues to support young people who will produce future technologies by being among the main partners of TEKNOFEST for the fourth time this year, aiming to create awareness in technology and science in society as a whole and increase Turkey’s trained human resources in science and engineering fields.

The aim of the competition is to bring out energy-efficient and environmentally sensitive application projects and technologies implemented by industrial enterprises, and to share knowledge and experience, and to increase energy efficiency in the industrial field in general.

In the “SANKO Holding Sustainability Talks,” which will be hosted by SANKO Holding and will last for two days, Adil Sani Konukoglu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SANKO Holding, SANKO executives, and expert speakers in the field will meet with the competitors. Within the scope of the SANKO Holding Sustainability Talks, Hakan Yildirim, CEO of SANKO Energy, will speak on “A View from the Renewable Energy Window to 2030,” Prof. Dr. Burcu Ozsoy, Director of TUBITAK MAM Polar Research Institute and Climate Ambassador, will speak on “Environment and Climate Change,” Curator Ayca Okay and Designer and Founder of the Advanced Transformation Library, Pinar Akkurt, will speak on “Art and Environment: Art, Sustainability, Recycling, Organic Materials, Design, and Spatial Experience,” Ahmet Sayin, General Manager of Poligon Construction and Rıdvan Aslaner, Poligon Construction GES Project Manager, will speak on “Green Transformation and Sustainable Development in Industry,” and Emre Altay, General Manager of SANKOnline, will inform competitors about “Entrepreneurship, Startups, and Investment Ecosystem.


Interest in the Environment and Energy Technologies Competition, organized under the leadership of SANKO Holding, continues to increase every year.

While 1,468 teams applied to the TEKNOFEST Environment and Energy Technologies competition held in Gaziantep in 2020, 2,462 teams applied in TEKNOFEST 2021 held in Istanbul, and 8,778 applications were made in TEKNOFEST 2022 held in Trabzon and Samsun.

In the “University and Above” and “High School” categories of the TEKNOFEST 2023 Environment and Energy Technologies Competition, 19,052 teams and 55,625 participants applied from both domestic and foreign locations, while 86 teams earned the right to compete in the final.

TEKNOFEST 2023, held at Istanbul Ataturk Airport, will conclude with an award ceremony on Monday, May 1st.

Source: (BYZHA) Beyaz Haber Ajansı

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