Technological Leap Of Ulu Motor Where Is My Skywell (1)

Technological Leap of Ulu Motor: Where is My Skywell?

Skywell | Electric car manufacturer Skywell continues its efforts towards customer satisfaction by emphasizing technology and mobility. In this context, the newly introduced and innovative feature “Where is My Skywell?” leads the automotive industry in pioneering a first-of-its-kind approach.

The “Where is My Skywell?” link developed to address the order tracking needs of customers who complete the online ordering process on the Skywell website provides car owners with the ability to track the whereabouts of their vehicles at any given moment. This feature comes into play as soon as the online purchase process begins and offers a transparent way to track the entire journey of the car from production to delivery.

Online Tracking with the “Where is My Skywell?” Link

Continuing its technological investments within the framework of sustainability in the automotive sector, Ulu Motor offers Skywell customers who make purchases through the online sales channel the opportunity to closely follow the entire journey of their vehicles from production to shipping. This tracking, which includes stages such as order, production, factory exit, and shipping, can be accessed through a user-friendly, simple interface screen by entering the customer’s mobile phone number. Ulu Motor, which places trust at the core of customer loyalty, provides its customers with a similar experience through the offered 360-degree tracking capability.

Pioneer of the Industry

Driven by the vision of fully utilizing the possibilities brought by digital transformation, Ulu Motor aims to provide its customers with a pioneering experience in the sector through “Where is My Skywell?” With this online tracking system, customers have access to detailed information about each stage of their vehicles, allowing them to have accurate information about when they will receive their cars. In addition to the destination and estimated arrival time, the current location of the ship can also be viewed on a map. Moreover, customers can access ship details, weather conditions, and satellite images, and if desired, they can track this journey on the map.

Technological Leap of Ulu Motor Where is My Skywell (2)

Technology and Transparency Combined with “Where is My Skywell?”

Initiating a new era in mobility experience with “Where is My Skywell?”, Ulu Motor sets an example for the sector by bringing together technology, transparency, and a customer-focused approach. This innovative feature opens the doors to an experience that car owners have never had before.

To track your Skywell order, you can visit the link below, enter your phone number, and follow the on-screen steps.


About Ulu Motor

Established in 2004 under the Ulubaş Group to conduct distribution activities, Ulu Motor is positioned as one of the most important companies involved in the technological transformation processes of the group with a vision to lead mobility transformation. Ulu Motor undertakes the distribution of Skywell and Leapmotor brands affiliated with China’s largest technology companies, Skyworth Group, in 15 countries in Turkey and Europe. In addition to mobility solutions, distribution, and technology partnership, Ulu Motor offers a unique service approach in the Turkish and European markets with flawless and innovative post-sales innovations. Ulu Motor has reached an agreement with Skyworth to open a Battery Development and Production factory in Turkey by the first quarter of 2024. Representing Proton and Avia brands in Turkey, which operate in the automotive, truck, and LPG sectors, Ulu Motor continues its efforts to focus on clean energy instead of fossil fuel consumption for a cleaner environment and a more livable world.

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