Social Impact Summit'24 Seeking Solutions Together For Social Change

Social Impact Summit’24: Seeking Solutions Together for Social Change

“Social Impact Summit’24” will take place on May 30, 2024 at İş Sanat, Levent Istanbul with the motto “We Seek Equality from Inequalities” in order to draw attention to social, economic and environmental inequalities and raise awareness with the participation of NGOs, Foundations, Associations, Public Institutions, Universities, Institutions, Media and Business World Representatives with the cooperation of ‘Social Factory – Social Transformation Platform’ and ‘How An Economy /’.

In this journey with the motto “And It’s Time for Unity”; the goal is to give the message to the society with the stakeholders of NGOs, Foundations, Institutions, Universities; to give the message of the impact of unity, diversity and differences together on us and social transformation, to bring up and question inequalities in society, to develop solutions with common sense and to carry out advocacy work with public support.

“Social Impact Summit’24” aims to create change ambassadors with sustainable awareness on issues such as gender equality, social justice, class inequality, human-nature imbalance, where the issues ignored in society are addressed, creating concrete steps to ensure that new ideas are covered by role modeling, and to inspire existing projects to create common solution proposals and/or new projects so that they are traceable, applicable, solution and result-oriented.

Sosyal Etki Zirvesi'24 Eşitlik Arayışında Toplumsal Bir Dönüşüm (2)

“Social Impact Summit’24” Stakeholders:

10,000 Women, Anatolian Education and Culture Foundation – AKEV, ANGİKAD – Association of Entrepreneurial Business Women, Mother Parliament, Arya Women, What’s on the Hook, Awen For Us, Single Mothers Association, Bi Koşu Adana, You Be the Science Platform, Let’s Be Together, BlindLook, Blockchain Women, Istanbul Buldan Foundation, CEO Platform, Contemporary Arts Foundation – ÇAĞSAV, Take Care of Your Trash, Let the Girls Dive, Association of Change Leaders, Association for the Protection of Marine Life, Dolmabahçe IW Club, Dolmabahçe Rotary Club, ES Career, Fatih Rotary Club, Many Benefits Foundation, Steps to the Future Association, Share the Future, Gen Turkey,, Habitat Association, Imagination Center/Association, Share My Dream, Support to Life, Istanbul Aydın University & KAGİMER, Istanbul Ecology Rotary Club, Istanbul Gedik University, Business World and Sustainable Development Association – SKD, It’s Possible to Be Good Foundation, Flying for Good, Art for Good, Izmir Business Women’s Association – İZİKAD, JCI Beşiktaş, JCI Kadıköy, JCI Startup, Association to Support Women Candidates – KADER, Women-Friendly Brands Platform, Women Entrepreneurs Association Hatay – KAGİD, Kastamonu Women’s Association, Cyprus Turkish Entrepreneur Women’s Association – GİKAD, Red Children’s Association, Girls on the Field Platform, We Need to Talk, Association for Youth in Protection and Foster Families – Kalben, Global Equality and Inclusion Network Association, Teacher Academy Foundation, Marketing Communicators Association – PİD, PERYÖN, Puduhepa and Sisters, PWN Istanbul, S.S. Nar Women’s Environment Culture and Business Cooperative, Samsun Business Women’s Association, Procurement Professionals and Managers Association – TÜSAYDER, Seda Yekeler Foundation – SEYEV, Sectoral Associations Federation – SEDEFED, Social Sustainability Platform, Sustainable Education Development and Excellence Association – SEGM, Süreyya Ağaoğlu Children’s Friends Association, Women in Technology Association – WTECH, TurkishWIN, Turkish Business World Confederation – TÜRKONFED, Turkey Informatics Association, Turkish Public Relations Association – TÜHİD, Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey – KAGİDER, Turkey International Events Association – TUED, Unicef Turkey, We Are with You, YEKON, Us Again, Green Transformation Platform, Competent Youth and Women on the Board Association.

Sosyal Etki Zirvesi'24 Eşitlik Arayışında Toplumsal Bir Dönüşüm (3)

Stakeholders are listed in alphabetical order.

We firmly believe that our quest for “Equality from Inequalities” will strengthen our hope of reaching our goal together. The increasing number of partnerships every day is the greatest supporter of this hope.

SEZ’24 Program:

09.00-09.30 Registration & Networking
09.30-10.15 “The Power of Differences: The Importance of Equality for Social Change”
10.15-10.30 “Time for Unity”
10.30-10.45 Opening Speeches
10.45-11.30 Coffee Break
11.30-12.15 “Women with a Voice”: Effective Women Leadership in Creating Social Benefits
12.15-13.30 “Men Speaking”: Gender Equality and the Role of Men
13.30-14.15 Lunch Break & Networking
14.15-15.00 “Blue Collar-White Collar Stories: Bringing Our Two Worlds Together”
15.00-15.15 “Social Wellpreneur”
15.15-15.45 Coffee Break
15.45-16.15 “Art Everywhere: The Healing and Unifying Power of Art”
16.15-16.45 “Entrepreneurship 4: The Story of Youth Existence”
16.45-17.00 “Colors of Tomorrow / Tomorrow in Us”
-Tomorrow’s Water
-Tomorrow’s Soil
17.00-19.00 Cocktail & Networking

About the Social Impact Summit’24:

The Social Impact Summit, organized for the first time this year in collaboration with the Social Factory Social Transformation Platform and Nasıl Bir Ekonomi/, will be held on May 30th at İş Sanat, Levent Istanbul, under the motto “Seeking Equality from Inequalities”.

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