Peros Overcomes Stubborn Stains With The New Co Granule Smart Enzyme Technology (1)

Peros Overcomes Stubborn Stains with the New “Co-Granule Smart Enzyme Technology”

Peros, one of Turkey’s leading White Paper brands, is introducing the renewed formula of Peros Matik, a powder detergent with “Co-Granule Smart Enzyme Technology,” through a new advertising campaign. Voiced by the brand’s face, Esra Erol, the ad starts with the words “the award for the best breakthrough of the year goes to the tomato paste stain.” The animation in the film vividly illustrates Peros’ renewed smart enzyme technology effectively breaking down and removing stains from surfaces.

Before the “Tough stains, spotless performance” ad campaign, comprehensive research was conducted on the stains most frequently encountered by consumers when washing clothes. The impressive cleaning performance achieved by Peros in tests on common stains like tomato paste and oil, as revealed by the research results, is clearly reflected in the advertising film.

Additionally, the advertisement highlights the brand’s competitive pricing, concluding with the brand’s unique “Yıkarım Bilirsin” (I wash, you know) melody.

Peros Overcomes Stubborn Stains With The New Co Granule Smart Enzyme Technology (2)


  • Advertiser: Beyaz Kağıt – Peros
  • Advertiser Representatives: Zeynep Kahraman, Sinem Tav, Duygu Erdoğan, Serap Savaşçı, Eren Özgür Eksen, Halit Pala, Fazilet Çay
  • Advertising Agency: VMLY&R
  • Executive Creative Director: Arkın Kahyaoğlu
  • Creative Director: Halil Gökhan Tuna
  • Assistant Creative Director: Gökçe Noyan
  • Creative Group Head: Kaan Birkes, Gökçe Akın
  • Creative Team: Aylin Atabay, Ece Özyiğit, Osman Alp Denizler
  • Strategy Team: Aslı Koparal
  • Producer: Umut Tangör
  • Customer Relations: Merve Çiçek Tuyun, Gizem Pelivan

Peros, with its “Co-Granule Smart Enzyme Technology,” is burying stains into history, providing an effective solution for consumers when it comes to stubborn laundry stains.

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