Patiswiss Ceo 'shop Consciously Against Chocolate Counterfeits!

Patiswiss CEO: ‘Shop Consciously Against Chocolate Counterfeits!

The countdown for the new year has begun, and shopping traffic has brought life to the markets. Especially during this period, with an increasing demand for chocolates, Patiswiss CEO Elif Aslı Yıldız has issued a warning about fake and low-quality products. Simultaneously, she announced the start of a period filled with special New Year discounts and surprises.

Market Movement Delights Merchants

With the approach of the new year, markets are bustling with shopping traffic, bringing smiles to the faces of merchants. Chocolates, an essential part of New Year’s tables, continue to attract intense interest during this period. Chocolates displayed in ornate packages on the shelves not only provide a visual feast but also continue to captivate the taste enthusiasts.

Sahte Ve Kalitesiz Ürünlere Dikkat! Patiswiss'ten Önemli Uyarılar Ve Sürprizler (1)
Patiswiss CEO Elif Aslı Yıldız

Cautionary Call Against Fake and Low-Quality Products

However, an important issue to be aware of during this period is fake and low-quality chocolates. Elif Aslı Yıldız, CEO of Patiswiss, issued warnings on this matter, stating, “In a period where the shopping frenzy is at its peak, there will undoubtedly be brands seeking to take advantage of it. However, it is clear that these brands will face many problems in building their future with confidence if they engage in activities that harm their consumers. It should be known that consumers do not forget any experience!”

Advice for Reliable Shopping to Consumers

Emphasizing their efforts to maintain high-quality standards and provide consumers with reliable and tasty products, Patiswiss recommends conscientious shopping. Yıldız said, “As a brand that makes consumer satisfaction a vision, we always aim to offer the best products. Fake and low-quality products can undermine consumer trust and have a negative impact on the industry as a whole.”

Sahte Ve Kalitesiz Ürünlere Dikkat! Patiswiss'ten Önemli Uyarılar Ve Sürprizler (3)

Precautions Against Chocolate Imitations

Yıldız, calling attention to checking ingredient labels when buying chocolate, stated, “Understanding chocolate imitations is based on observations made through a few distinct features. Firstly, producer information is crucial; reliable chocolate brands are usually transparent and provide clear information about who they are on the back of their products. Secondly, the ingredient list should be examined; quality chocolates generally have simple and natural ingredients, while imitations may contain more additives, so one should pay attention to this. Thirdly, the price is important; real chocolate production usually requires quality materials, craftsmanship, and production processes, so excessively low prices may indicate a low-quality or imitation product. Packaging quality, color and texture, brand awareness, and shopping from reliable sales points are also factors to consider when distinguishing imitation chocolates. Taking these factors into account makes it possible to differentiate between chocolate imitations and real, quality chocolates.”

Chocolate for New Year: The Most Beautiful Gift

Yıldız, stating that chocolate is one of the most beautiful gifts that can be given for New Year’s, said, “A sweet box of chocolates that you will give to your loved ones or that special person for you will make them feel very special. On the most special day of the year, people want to delight their loved ones with these sweet gifts. This desire undoubtedly increases the demand.”

New Year Surprises from Patiswiss

Stating that they have a daily production capacity of 100 tons, Yıldız said, “New Year, Valentine’s Day, and similar special days naturally increase this number. Our production planners, managers, and employees have always responded to increasing demand. We not only meet the demands of the domestic market but also satisfy the chocolate and confectionery demands of 38 countries during the New Year.”

New Year Surprises and Discounts

Yıldız said, “New Year is undoubtedly one of the periods everyone eagerly awaits. On this special day where people make each other feel special with gifts and gestures, and expressions of love become a ritual with gifts, we certainly have gifts prepared for our consumers. Surprises, special discounts, and surprising campaigns will be among our surprises to ensure that our products reach many households and relationships this New Year, as always. With New Year-specific discount campaigns on our website, we will give our consumers the sweetest gifts in the new year.”

Aiming to provide consumers with a safe and delicious experience in New Year shopping, Patiswiss continues to make a name for itself with its quality and reliability.

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