Painter Ziver Kaplan Calmness Exhibition Sanko Art Gallery (4)

Painter Ziver Kaplan “Calmness” Exhibition / SANKO Art Gallery

Painter Ziver Kaplan opened his personal painting exhibition titled “Calmness”, which consists of his works prepared with acrylic techniques, at SANKO Art Gallery.

Stating that art is a bridge between the future and the past, Kaplan said, “We should bring together art, which is the reflection of our cultural values, with all segments of society, especially our youth.”

Painter Ziver Kaplan Calmness Exhibition SANKO Art Gallery (5)

Emphasizing that more importance should be given to art and artists in society, Kaplan said, “Art is the reflection of a society’s cultural values. For this reason, we must adopt a lifestyle that is intertwined with art.”

Kaplan stated that he usually focuses on nature in his works because he loves nature and tranquility, and said that there are 21 of his works in the exhibition.

Noting that he has been intertwined with art for 45 years, Kaplan said, “I think that art is therapy. In the struggle of developing technology and daily life in the modern world, we neglect both ourselves and our environment. But art is a very special therapy method that we can deal with all of this.”

Painter Ziver Kaplan Calmness Exhibition SANKO Art Gallery (6)

Noting that SANKO Holding, in addition to being an industrial establishment, also supports works that add value to the society and social responsibility projects, Kaplan said:

“In addition to being an industrial organization, SANKO also adds value to the society with its support to cultural events within the scope of its social responsibility project. His contributions to the excavations of Zeugma and Karkamış Ancient City are invaluable. On behalf of the entire art community, I would like to express my gratitude to the Konukoğlu Family and the SANKO Art Gallery management, who made us feel their support for art and artists in our hearts.”

Gaziantep Football Club Technical Director Erol Bulut, who participated in the opening of the exhibition, said in his speech that he was impressed by the works on display and the atmosphere of the gallery.

After the speeches, Erol Bulut presented the publication “Zeugma”, which was published by SANKO Holding, to Ziver Kaplan.

Gaziantep Provincial Culture and Tourism Deputy Director Mehmet Aykanat, Gaziantep University Fine Arts Faculty Instructor Muhammed Aliyev, SANKO Art Gallery Executive Board Vice President Cengiz Halil Çiçek, Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce Fine Arts High School Painting Teacher Hüseyin Yıldırım, painters and art lovers attended the exhibition opening.

Painter Ziver Kaplan Calmness Exhibition SANKO Art Gallery (8)
Painter Ziver Kaplan Calmness Exhibition SANKO Art Gallery (1)
Painter Ziver Kaplan Calmness Exhibition SANKO Art Gallery (7)

The exhibition, which was opened to the visit of art lovers at the SANKO Art Gallery located on the third floor of SANKO Park AVM, can be visited between 10.00 and 22.00 every day until January 27, 2023.


Ziver Kaplan, who was born in Sivas in 1958, graduated from Ankara Gazi Education Faculty Painting Department in 1979.

After working as an art teacher in different provinces, Kaplan transferred to the Ministry of Culture in 1994. He served as Kastamonu Provincial Culture and Tourism Director between

Painter Ziver Kaplan Calmness Exhibition SANKO Art Gallery (3)
Painter Ziver Kaplan Calmness Exhibition SANKO Art Gallery (2)

Kaplan, who has always been intertwined with art and participated in dozens of mixed photography and painting exhibitions at home and abroad, represented Turkey at the International Art Symposiums held in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosovo, Greece, Serbia, Hungary and Bosnia and Herzegovina upon official and private invitations. has done.

Kaplan, who is also an art curator, has organized more than 15 International Art Workshops and organized painting exhibitions for many artists.

As a nature lover, Kaplan reflects the fascinating and panoramic effect of nature on her canvases by choosing colorism and abstraction, and continues her works in her private atelier.

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