Ozan Turan Up To 70% Energy Savings Are Achieved In Insulated Houses

Ozan Turan / Up to 70% energy savings are achieved in insulated houses

In buildings where approximately one third of the total energy consumption in Turkey is used, houses with thermal insulation provide up to 70% energy savings compared to those without. Making a statement on the occasion of the Energy Efficiency Week, ODE Insulation Board Member Ozan Turan said, “The total insulation cost in new buildings corresponds to 3 percent of the total construction cost. With Insulation, we can individually reduce our bills, contribute to our country’s annual energy savings of 15 billion dollars at current prices, and take a big step together to reduce our carbon footprint.”

Electricity and natural gas consumption in Turkey is increasing every year. While this increase in electricity and natural gas use increases Turkey’s current account deficit, it also reflects on individual bills. Ozan Turan, Member of the Board of Directors of ODE Yalıtım, Turkey’s largest insulation company with 100% domestic capital, drew attention to the importance of insulation in reducing energy use in a statement he made on the occasion of the Energy Efficiency Week.

Ozan Turan: With Insulation, we can reduce both individual bills and the current account deficit of our country”

Turan pointed out that more energy is consumed both in winter and summer months with the effect of changing weather conditions with the effect of climate change, and this is reflected on the bills. . At the beginning of the measures to be taken to reduce energy consumption in buildings where approximately one third of the total energy consumption in Turkey is used, insulation application comes first. With exterior insulation, the building can be kept, and with interior insulation, the internal heat of the house can be maintained. In addition, with the technical insulation to be applied to the pipes of the air conditioners and the mechanical installation of the building, these equipment work more efficiently and therefore consume less energy. Moreover, with only building insulation, we can ensure that our country saves 15 billion dollars in energy annually at current prices.”

“Insulation can be done with 3 percent of the building cost”

Stating that 80% of the 22 million households in Turkey do not have insulation or have very weak insulation applications, Turan said, “The total insulation cost in new buildings corresponds to 3 percent of the total construction cost. This cost can be met in a short time thanks to the savings in energy and the prolongation of the life of the building by the insulation. If we make our buildings insulated, we can reduce the annual energy consumption, which is around 120-150 kW per square meter, to 30-50 kW, as in developed countries.

“With the new regulation, insulation thicknesses will increase by 3 to 5 cm”

Reminding that with the “Regulation Amending the Regulation on Energy Performance in Buildings”, which entered into force on January 1, the buildings with a construction area greater than 5 thousand square meters will be built in accordance with the definition of Near Zero Energy Building (NSEB), and said; “With this regulation, the thickness of the materials used in thermal insulation will also increase. There is an average increase of 3 cm on facades, 5 cm on roofs and 3 cm on floors. In addition, the thermal conductivity coefficient will be improved. In this way, while efficiency and comfort will increase in new buildings, the bills will decrease. With the current standard (TS825), 62% savings are achieved in insulated buildings compared to non-insulated buildings. With the new regulation (NSEB), this difference goes up to about 70 percent. In other words, in houses to be insulated according to the new regulation, with the right insulation application, the energy expenditure of a 100 square meter apartment can be reduced by 20 percent more than the current standard.”

About ODE Insulation:
ODE, which started its business life with contracting activities in 1985, decided to move forward in the insulation sector in 1988 by turning to one of the areas that Turkey needs the most. ODE became an importer in 1990 and a manufacturer in 1996; It produces in 2 main categories, namely Construction and Technical Insulation. Today, ODE is among the biggest manufacturers of the insulation sector with its 6 modern production facilities, more than 4 thousand product types and expert personnel. Continuing its activities with the vision of becoming a global brand, ODE Yalıtım’s products are preferred in more than 75 countries in 6 continents.

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