Nursel Köse The Movie Başkan (2)

Nursel Köse | The Movie “Başkan”

In the movie “Başkan,” Nursel Köse underwent a transformation for her role: She had her teeth covered with 14-karat gold.

Audiences can expect a surprise from Nursel Köse in the movie “Başkan,” which was shot in Ovacık district of Tunceli. The talented actress, known for her acting skills and beauty in the series and films she has appeared in, underwent a makeup transformation to look less attractive for her role. Nursel Köse, who shares the leading roles with Diren Polatoğulları, Necip Memili, and Büşra Pekin, had 14-karat gold teeth fitted, skin moles were added to her face, and adjustments were made to the symmetry of her eyes.

In “Başkan,” produced by Time Medya and written and directed by Ulaş Bahadır, viewers will have difficulty recognizing Nursel Köse.

In the film, Nursel Köse will be seen in the role of Hacer, the wealthy, self-confident, and showy wife of the mayor. Her character, Hacer, is a larger-than-life personality in Tunceli Ovacık, with her clothing, accessories, and gold teeth. Throughout the film, Hacer’s only concern is to receive attention and affection from her husband, who is busy with various intrigues. For this unique character, Nursel Köse accepted the role-related changes in her appearance, emphasizing that every person is special.

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“Ugly, beautiful, smart, crazy… I don’t look at that.”

For the character of Hacer, master actress Nursel Köse had moles added to her face, one of her eyes was lowered below the other, and her teeth were covered with 14-karat gold to make them look realistic. The makeup process, along with the installation of custom-made teeth under a doctor’s supervision while maintaining her vocal tone, took at least two hours every day.

Regarding the characters she portrays in cinema and TV series, Nursel Köse said, “Beauty or ugliness is not a criterion in my life. I have a philosophy of accepting every person as they are. I defend the characters I play to the fullest, immerse myself in their personalities, and try to make them likable as they are. I don’t look at whether they are ugly, beautiful, mischievous, smart, or crazy… What’s important to me is creating a figure that will stick in our minds, based on the authenticity of the character and a bit of caricature in comedy. We tried to do the same in the Başkan movie, and I think we succeeded. I’m not saying whether Hacer is a good-natured or a bad-natured character; I leave that interpretation to the audience.”

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