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New Products Showcased at the Military Radar and Border Security Summit

The national and domestic defense industry exhibited the products developed with the latest technologies at the 4th Military Radar and Border Security Summit – MRBS, organized by MUSIAD Ankara. Robit Teknoloji, HTR, Öncü Güvenlik, Otonom Teknoloji, Verte Elektronik and Sedsan showcased their new products for the first time at MRBS.

Organized by the Independent Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association – MUSIAD Ankara Branch, the 4th Military Radar and Border Security Summit – MRBS was held on 21 – 22 March 2023 at Hacettepe Beytepe Congress Center. Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Industry and Technology and T.R. In the MRBS, which was implemented with the support of the Presidency of Defense Industry, representatives of the national and local defense industry showcased their new products.

Turkey’s first kamikaze UAV from Robit Teknoloji: AZAB

AZAB, a ‘multi-purpose kamikaze’ unmanned aerial vehicle developed by Robit Teknoloji, a member of MUSIAD Ankara, with domestic and national technology, was introduced for the first time at MRBS. The AZAB T-200 model has a payload capacity of 15 kg and a maximum take-off weight of 50 kilograms. It can reach a distance of up to 500 km. Service altitude is 300 – 3000 meters. It can cancel the target by being controlled by the operator on the line-off side up to 200 km. The AZAB, which is also guided by its camera, can be controlled with the optical sensors on it, how it will explode or be destroyed when it reaches its target. There are only 2 Kamikaze UAVs in the world that are superior to the distance of the T-200; It is the only one in Turkey. AZAB, which also attracts a lot of attention abroad, can be steered with the help of an operator, if you want to forget it, free roaming if you want, with its multi-purpose aspect.

Robit Teknoloji introduced Chordata for the first time at MRBS

Robit Technology provides communication opportunity in environments where communication is lost with Chordata, which offers an easily portable data center solution it has developed. It offers daily operational services in many social events such as search and rescue, rallies, crime scene response, events.

Robit Teknoloji developed FEMIS, a rapid response system in case of disaster.

FEMIS (Disaster Response Request System) was introduced by Robit Teknoloji for the first time at MRBS. In times of disasters such as earthquakes and floods, FEMIS transmits the needs of the determined institution or person as data without any communication opportunity in the environment when the buttons on it are pressed. Continuing to transmit data without being affected by GSM, Wi-fi or power cuts thanks to its own communication protocol, FEMIS is also suitable for continuous use thanks to its rechargeable structure. FEMİS, which has a battery life of approximately 2 years, has buttons for tents, food, clothing and medical needs.

HTR introduced its high zoom camera with resolution

HTR company introduced the new member of the Modular Camera Development Platform family for the first time at MRBS, which has the possibility of monitoring 1.5 km at night and 4 km during the day. This high-resolution zoom camera, which provides unmanned surveillance to be used for close borders, was developed according to the demands from the field. It is designed for use in internal security zones and beyond the borders. The camera with 50 X optical zoom and 12 X digital zoom will help ensure the safety of our military elements.

Sec-on Dog Robot introduced at MRBS

Sec-on Dog Robot, which draws attention with its domestic software developed by Öncü Security, was introduced at MRBS. The Dog Robot, which can be used in unmanned reconnaissance, border security, police patrol or search and rescue operations in natural disasters, also has a modular structure. A thermal camera or different sensors can be attached to the robot.

A 15-meter air tower can be set up in 10 minutes at the borders

Otonom Teknoloji exhibited its Air Tower product for the first time at MRBS. The inflatable tower offers a carrying capacity of up to 10 kilograms at a maximum height of 15 m. Equipment such as cameras and thermal cameras can be installed on the plate on the Air Tower, which is used especially for surveillance and lighting at the border and border police stations. Air Tower, which offers the opportunity to obtain a 15-meter air tower in 10 minutes, is also resistant to weather conditions. In addition to the advantage of quick installation, Air Tower can be quickly deflated and transported in a portable way.

Domestic and national power distribution unit

Another new product introduced at MRBS was the Solid State Power Distribution Unit developed by Verte Elektronik. The domestic and national power distribution unit intelligently distributes the power in electrical systems in tactical missile launchers, armored vehicles, UAVs, military air and sea vehicles. Developed only by Verte Elektronik in Turkey, this product is also produced by only a few companies abroad. It can protect against high and low voltage, overload and short circuit protection. Opening and closing scenarios can be defined. Among all products in the world, only this product has a load prioritization function. Thanks to this feature; In case of power failure, shutdown can be achieved starting from the least important loads.

Local Cessna 172 Simulator from Sedsan

Sedsan, a member of MUSIAD Ankara, has developed a cockpit simulator for the Cessna 172, which is considered the first aircraft of every pilot. This domestic and national product was put on the market for the first time in MRBS after completing heavy tests and R&D studies. The simulator, whose software was made with 15 thousand lines of code, offers analog cockpit and glass cockpit options. The demand for this product, which offers more than 50 percent cost advantage in aviation schools and civil aviation fields, is expected to increase.

Source: (BYZHA) – Beyaz News Agency

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