Nazım Hikmet's Play 'skull' Which Criticises Capitalism Re Staged At Şişli Theatre (2)

Nazım Hikmet’s play ‘Skull’ which criticises capitalism: Re-staged at Şişli Theatre

Nazım Hikmet’s play ‘The Skull’, a critique of capitalism, has been staged by many different theatre companies before.

I think what makes the play “Skull”, which was premiered at Şişli Theatre on 15 March this year, different is the successful adaptation by Arzu Önder and Şenol Önder and the presence of actors who fit their roles perfectly with the right role distribution, far from exaggerated theatrical acting, and who draw the audience in with all their naturalness.

Nazım Hikmet's Play 'skull' Which Criticises Capitalism Re Staged At Şişli Theatre (1)

Although all of the actors are very successful, I would like to state that I found the performance of the young actress Zeynep Eylül Çırak incredibly natural and fluent as a viewer and I liked it very much. I can easily express this as my mother, actress Nilgün Akçaoğlu, with whom I watched the play, agrees with me 🙂 We both think that Zeynep Eylül Çırak, who is playing her first play, will be an actress who will make a mark with her achievements in the not too long term.

Yeni Yorumuyla “kafatası” Göz Dolduruyor! (3)

In addition, compared to other interpretations, the décor and choreography are designed in a way to create a visual feast for the audience by thinking down to the finest detail. I also liked the fact that, as part of the adaptation, there were lines to make the play interactive and the play occasionally overflowed the stage.

Yeni Yorumuyla “kafatası” Göz Dolduruyor! (5)

In short, “The Skull” with its new interpretation is one of the plays that should definitely be seen at Şişli Theatre, one of the important stages of Istanbul, which has hosted many valuable artists until today.

News: Eylül Aşkın

Yeni Yorumuyla “kafatası” Göz Dolduruyor! (7)
Yeni Yorumuyla “kafatası” Göz Dolduruyor! (8)

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