Nature And Architectural Marvel Zeray Dilasa Orman (4)

Nature and Architectural Marvel: Zeray Dilasa Orman

Zeray, attracting attention with its captivating original architectures and projects, each of which is a brand, has started promoting the Dilasa Orman project on national television channels.

With its location, concept, and quality amenities, Zeray Dilasa Orman’s appeal has surpassed the boundaries of Kocaeli, gaining popularity from all over Turkey and abroad. Therefore, considering Dilasa Orman as a project beyond the national level, Zeray has decided to promote it on the global stage as well. Dilasa Orman, which can harmonize with nature, respectful to the environment, and featuring a modern design, has succeeded in being an eco-friendly and powerful project, both internally and externally, receiving admiration. Designed amidst the surrounding forest and integrating creatively with nature, Dilasa Orman promises a life where nature becomes an integral part of your home.


Inspired by the longing and need to be close to nature, Zeray Dilasa Orman is designed to blend with the surrounding nature through its low-rise and horizontal architecture. This unique project, with the soothing ambiance of various tree species’ shades, inspires a fascinating lifestyle with all shades of green. Dilasa Orman, a national-level project built with a focus on environmental respect, offers indispensable living options with 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1 apartments, as well as garden duplexes and terrace duplexes that provide villa comfort on the floors. The residents of Dilasa Orman experience the magnificent aesthetic details of Zeray projects in their spacious balconied apartments facing a natural forest, garden terraces, and rooftop terraces, both in their homes and social areas.

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Zeray Dilasa Orman offers a serene and distinguished atmosphere even in open spaces with its extensive landscape areas. Located next to nature, the project caters to the needs of people of all ages with three different swimming pools situated at different points, walking paths, parks, resting areas, ornamental pools, tennis court, basketball court, fitness center, and open and closed children’s playgrounds, all while focusing on respect for the environment. The central placement of ornamental pools in the project centers family life, accompanied by the tranquility and serenity provided by water and the unique ambiance of nature.


Dilasa Orman, an extraordinary project, located just 5 minutes away from Yuvacık Dam, a popular destination for many locals and foreigners who want to be close to nature, is 20 minutes away from Sapanca Lake, a picturesque destination with easy access from Istanbul and Ankara, 15 minutes away from Ormanya, the largest natural wildlife park in Europe, and 25 minutes away from Kartepe, one of the most sought-after winter holiday centers.

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“We invite those who want to experience the tranquility of nature and the comfort of architecture with Zeray quality,” says Aytül Ayhan, Assistant General Manager of Zeray Construction Marketing, regarding the Dilasa Orman project. “As Zeray, we continue to create distinctive projects by deeply analyzing the expectations and needs of the regions where we develop projects. In our Dilasa Orman project, while forming our differentiation strategy, we aimed to design a life that embraces nature, touching nature, with a horizontal architectural concept and a product mix suitable for family life. Our project, located in the heart of a magnificent natural forest, not only gains appreciation with its social amenities that enhance socialization but also receives great interest from not only Kocaeli but also all over Turkey and from abroad. Dilasa Orman creates a difference as a national-level project with breathable and inspiring living spaces and rich social facilities. While meticulously building every detail of our Zeray Dilasa Orman project, we are happy to realize the dream of a life that takes its inspiration from natural life and perfection from nature, encompassing all the colors of nature. In Zeray Dilasa Orman, we will witness the magnificence of the coming together of natural life and architectural elegance.”

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