Murat Kurum Professional Competency Certificate Will Be Mandatory For Facility Management In Istanbul!

Murat Kurum: Professional Competency Certificate will be Mandatory for Facility Management in Istanbul!

On May 8, 2023, Murat KURUM, the former Minister of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change and AK Party Istanbul Deputy, announced during the “Meeting with Site and Facility Managers in Istanbul” program that a Professional Competency Certificate would be mandatory for facility management sector, site management, and citizens.

The Facility Managers Federation (TEYFED) has signed a new collaboration protocol with Apsiyon Bilişim, the cooperation party for the Golden Professional Competency and within the scope of the 18UY0354-6/00 Facility Manager (Level 6) National Competency, which was authorized by the Vocational Qualifications Authority (MYK) for the first time in Turkey on May 25, 2022.

“Professional competency is a requirement for transparency and accountability in sustainable management!”

Yahya SAĞIR, President of the Facility Managers Federation (TEYFED), stated that Murat KURUM, the former Minister of Environment, Urbanization, and Climate Change and AK Party Istanbul Deputy, emphasized the importance of knowledge, skills, and competence in building and facility management. He expressed that sustainable management, transparency, and accountability in buildings, collective structures (sites), and facilities can only be achieved with qualified facility and site managers.

“Our federation will require professional competency for the employees of affiliated associations and legal entities.”

President Yahya SAĞIR stated, “For this purpose, the Federation of Facility Managers has decided as the federation management that all facility and site managers affiliated with the associations and member companies forming the federation, including the legal entity partners, will participate in the ‘Professional Competency Certificate’ exams to ensure their professional qualifications. In order to achieve a reliable and auditable certification, we are signing a triple collaboration protocol with the Golden Professional Competency, which leads the way for facility managers to obtain professional certificates valid in European Union countries, and Apsiyon, the most widely used cloud-based site management platform in Turkey.”

“Standardization, certification, and accreditation will enhance transparency in site/facility management!”

Kudret TÜRK, CEO of Apsiyon Bilişim, emphasized the importance of the speech given by the Minister of Environment, Urbanization, and Climate Change to site and facility managers. “As the Minister stated, not everyone will be able to become a site or facility manager at will. With the determination of professional standards, regulations will be implemented to document the qualifications of facility managers and provide certification to management companies by the ministry. In the new era, the functioning of facility management will eliminate social unrest and corruption allegations in management, and pave the way for competent, meritorious professionals dedicated to management.”

“Successful managers in the exams certify their professions in a valid and reliable manner!”

Mustafa Hakan ÖZELMACIKLI, Chairman of the Golden Professional Competency Board, stated, “Our organization applied to the Vocational Qualifications Authority (MYK) in 2021 to conduct the Level 6 Professional Competency Certificate exams within the framework of the Facility Manager National Occupation Standard, which was published in 2017 with Apsiyon Academy Trainers and the Facility Manager National Competency, which was published in 2018. With the approval of the institution in 2022, it ensured that exams for a professional competency certificate valid in European Union countries could be conducted.”

“A trained and qualified workforce will be created throughout the sector.”

Ozan ÖZEN, the Director of Apsiyon Academy, highlighted that the Professional Competency Certificate stands out as a recognized document by the public sector. He expressed their joy in partnering with Apsiyon, the Facility Managers Federation, and the authorized certification body, Golden Professional Competency, once again. ÖZEN stated, “With this certificate, employees at the managerial level in the facility management sector will be defined as ‘professionals’ who perform the occupation without the requirement of formal education, as long as they fulfill critical (mandatory) steps in the Facility Manager Professional Competency Exam and achieve a minimum score of 70% in the overall exam.”

“No education requirement to take the Professional Competency Certificate Exam!”

The mentioned certificate is issued by the Vocational Qualifications Authority, a body affiliated with the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, through theoretical and practical exams conducted by the organization. There is no prerequisite for work experience, a bachelor’s degree, or higher education to take the exam.

About Apsiyon:

Apsiyon is Turkey’s most widely used cloud-based site management platform, offering comprehensive solutions for all processes needed in collective living spaces such as sites, apartment buildings, residences, office buildings, and shopping malls. Since 2012, it has been serving managers and residents of living spaces in Turkey and around the world. Today, Apsiyon is used by over 20,000 sites, more than 1.4 million housing units, and over 3 million individuals. Apsiyon, one of Turkey’s fastest-growing companies, has a team of 170 people, consisting mainly of R&D employees, working in a Central Office, two R&D Centers, a technical office, and six regional offices.

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