Local Government Open Data Index Indicator Report Published By Avted (1)

Local Government Open Data Index indicator report published by AVTED

AVTED publishes Open Data Index indicator report

The Open Data and Technology Association (AVTED) shared the Local Governments Open Data Index, which it has been working on meticulously for a long time, with the public at an online meeting to be held with the support of Harvard Business Review Turkey yesterday.

AVTED, which is the main stakeholder in the opening of Tuzla Open Data Portal in 2022, aims to create and develop open data awareness, especially in local governments, with its new project.

Five metropolitan municipalities contributed to the report

In the Local Governments Open Data Index report, the steps taken by the 5 metropolitan municipalities (Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Konya Metropolitan Municipality) that have open data portals for both transparency and accountability and spreading the culture of openness are under scrutiny. .

The report, which was prepared to enable open data studies to be carried forward, was implemented by making use of international indices and the research methodology was shared transparently in the report.

Local Government Open Data Index indicator report published by AVTED (2)

Open Data Index Project Manager Dr. Fatih Sinan Esen and project manager Sevda Yalınbaş explain their motivation for preparing the Open Data Index report as follows;

“This index is an indicator research that examines open data studies in terms of readiness, implementation and impact. We had a multidimensional motivation while creating the report; We wanted to encourage local governments to work on open data in accordance with international standards, measure the social impact of open data studies, present a comparative index that will enable a beneficial competition, and inspire local governments that have never opened their data. We plan to develop our report with feedback and publish it as the Turkey Open Data Index every year, and we expect the contribution of all institutions and organizations.”

“We will increase the will to open the data”

Open Data Association Chairman of the Board Bilal Eren states that the Open Data Index will increase the will to open the data and adds;

“Creating an open data barometer was one of our association’s main goals. I sincerely believe that this study will both increase the will to open data in our country and enable the development of data sources. At this point, I would like to thank the metropolitan municipalities, which contributed to our first study, for displaying an exemplary stance. I invite all our citizens and corporate executives to the promotional event where we will present this special open data research.”

After the Open Data Index was shared with the public at the introductory meeting to be held with the support of Harvard Business Review Turkey, Akan Abdula, Assoc. Dr. Dicle Yurdakul and Dr. Çağla Gül Şenkardeş, moderated by HBR Turkey, Editor-in-Chief Serdar Turan, opened the issue of “Open Data to Reach with Insight” for discussion.

Highlights in the report

Looking at the total findings of the report, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality (79 points) comes first, followed by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality (77 points) and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (77 points). The rankings according to the different dimensions vary according to the studies carried out by the municipalities.

Participants and all internet users will be able to access the Local Governments Open Data Index report at acikveriendeksi.org after the introductory meeting.

Local Government Open Data Index indicator report published by AVTED (1)

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