Imany Met With Her Fans At Turkcell Valley Through Piu Entertainment (2)

Imany met with her fans at Turkcell Valley through Piu Entertainment

“Imany, the Diva of Soul Music, Created an Unforgettable Night for Thousands of Fans”

Piu Entertainment, the company that brings together world-famous artists, performances, and productions with art enthusiasts, continues to celebrate its 10th anniversary with great enthusiasm. In the second concert of the concert series, Imany met her fans at Turkcell Valley on September 7th.

French soul diva Imany, who enchants her listeners with her deep voice and folk and blues-inspired compositions, sang her legendary songs together with thousands of fans at Turkcell Valley as part of Piu’s 10th-anniversary concerts.

Imany met with her fans at Turkcell Valley through Piu Entertainment (3)

Imany, who expressed her happiness for realizing her dream of becoming a singer when she was a little girl, said that women will undoubtedly succeed when given the opportunity to be themselves, and received a great applause with her words advising all viewers not to give up their struggle to be themselves against family and societal pressures. With a fully packed hall of 3500 viewers, the artist frequently expressed her love in Turkish and English, saying “I love you” and “I love Istanbul.” She mentioned that all her songs from her first album were well-received and accepted by music lovers in Turkey, so she was delighted to be in Istanbul. She also said that the Voodoo Cello project was entirely her idea and with this project, she had revolutionized music by not just playing the cello instrument while sitting but also playing it with choreography and dance while standing.

Imany, who gained a large fan base with her first album “Shape of a Broken Heart,” winning platinum record awards in three countries, and achieved worldwide fame with singles like “You Will Never Know” and “Don’t Be Shy,” becomes the voice of her fans on many topics in her songs, including love, women’s rights, and climate change. She acts as a storyteller of the contemporary world through her music.

Imany met with her fans at Turkcell Valley through Piu Entertainment (1)

Imany told her story alongside the most popular songs of recent years and mesmerized the audience with her concert, where she couldn’t help but dance to the rhythm of music. With the accompaniment of 8 talented cellists, she performed iconic pop songs from her 2021 cover album “Voodoo-Cello” in a unique visual show adorned with theatrical elements, creating a magnificent musical feast.

About Piu Entertainment:

Piu Entertainment is known for its global knowledge in various disciplines such as music, theater, opera, musicals, dance, and stage shows. With its headquarters in London and an office in Istanbul, it takes charge of the formation and operation of new local and international productions. It offers a unique service for corporate events through its global network of artists and shows. Piu plays a distinguished role in arts center management, festival organization, and exhibition programming worldwide. While having successful shows such as AMADEUS, Timsah Ateşi, and 1923 in its portfolio, Piu also brings famous artists from many countries around the world to art enthusiasts. Seeing art as a source of inspiration and a universal language, Piu Entertainment is celebrating its 10th year in the world of art.

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