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Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction and Climate Adaptation Workshop was organized in Küçükçekmece

Küçükçekmece Municipality Climate Change and Zero Waste Directorate and Istanbul Energy A.Ş.

Küçükçekmece Mayor’s workshop hosted by the Mayor; Küçükçekmece Deputy Mayor Faisal Güler, Istanbul Inc. General Manager Yüksel Yalçın, members of the Assembly Environment and Health Commission, representatives of public institutions and organizations, neighborhood muhtars, academicians, industrialists, environmental engineers and representatives of non -governmental organizations attended. Stakeholders exchanged views on the priority steps towards the future of the city and presented solutions for climate risk and environmental problems.

Yüksel Yalçın: Vital Sustainability is the time to speak

Istanbul A.Ş. General Manager Yüksel Yalçın made explanations about what needs to be done for a livable environment and to be resistant to climate change within the framework of the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP). Yalçın stated that greenhouse gas emissions increased by 138 %from 1990 to 2020 in our country and pointed out that vital sustainability should be discussed.

“Global warming is not a prediction, but the one that happens”

Küçükçekmece Deputy Mayor Faisal Güler said, “As Küçükçekmece Municipality, we continue to strengthen our steps towards becoming a more environmentally friendly municipality. Global warming is not a prediction, but the one that happens. Fighting with greenhouse gas; It is of great importance to ensure the sustainability of the ecosystem we live in and to leave a healthier world for our children who are the guarantee of our future. In order to combat the destructive effects of climate change, we participated in the global chairman’s contract. In this context, we have been committed to a neutral carbon commitment until 2050. We are preparing the Secap to fulfill our commitments. In addition to informing our stakeholders, I believe that this workshop will be decisive and director in Istanbul climate change and harmony strategy. ”

Greenhouse gas emission analysis results for city shared

Yıldız Technical University Department of City and Regional Planning Professor. Dr. Buket Ayşegül Özbakır, greenhouse gas emission reduction and climate adaptation presentation. Özbakır stated that in 2019, in 2019, Özbakır said, “The reason we base the year 2019 in this research cannot be achieved due to the closure of home during the COVID period. Küçükçekmece has a large footprint in terms of environmental impact, in proportion to the population of 808 thousand 957. Based on 2019, the amount of greenhouse gas emissions for Küçükçekmece was announced as an equivalent of 1 million 953 thousand carbon dioxide. This is a very serious figure. When we evaluate the fixed energy, transportation and waste heading, constant energy constitutes approximately 65 %of this figure. Houses with 55 %in fixed energy, industry with 13 %, commercial and official institutions with 32 %are the causes of greenhouse gas emissions. Küçükçekmece Municipality is an important example of this issue with its Green Certified Public Building. I would like to congratulate Küçükçekmece Municipality for the attempt and effort to spread this consciousness to the whole city ”.

Küçükçekmece’s priority climatic risks were discussed

Istanbul Energy Inc. City Planner Gizem Baydı made a presentation on climate change and harmony. Baydı said, “When we look at Küçükçekmece as a natural structure, the concepts of water, valley and lagoon appear. This city has its own characteristics in terms of being one of the most populous districts of Istanbul and its natural structure. The first climatic risk here is flood and flood. In the past, there are examples of this. Of course, floods and floods have effects on climate change. When creating our harmony strategies, the importance of developing strategy according to this table emerges. ”

In the workshop, YTU Assoc. Dr. Greenhouse Gas Reduction Workshop was performed under the moderation of Faculty Member Erhan Kurtarır.

Source: (Byzha) – White News Agency

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