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Experts talked about advanced production and technologies at IMATECH Fair

At the events held within the scope of IMATECH – Industrial Production Technologies Fair, which brings together the machinery and production sectors, expert names gave seminars on advanced production and technologies and new projects developed in these areas in Turkey.

IMATECH – Industrial Production Technologies Fair, hosted by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and organized with the cooperation of İZFAŞ and Izgi Fair Organization and with the support of 4M Fair Organization, also hosted different seminars. The first guest of the seminars, which was followed with interest by the young generation, was Kocaeli Provincial Directorate of National Education Vocational Education Coordinator Hasan Burçin Menteş. Menteş gave information about the Learner-Centered Advanced (Advanced) Production Platform (LCAMP) for Professional Excellence Centers carried out within the scope of the European Union project of GEBKİM – Kocaeli Gebze V (Chemistry) Specialized Organized Industrial Zone. Hasan Burçin Menteş said that the European Union supported and multi-partnered project is of great importance not only for students but also for teachers and the manufacturing industry, factories, to implement and support new technologies. Menteş, emphasizing the importance of following the industrial production technologies, developments and trends in the European Union and providing a profession in this direction, expressed the following about the project:

“The ultimate aim is to provide high-quality vocational skills, support entrepreneurial activities, spread innovation, act as knowledge and innovation centers for companies and especially SMEs. The LCAMP consortium consists of 20 full partners from 10 countries, including 9 educational institutions, 7 industrial companies and 4 vocational education and industry associations. The consortium is also supported by 60 partners. Thanks to this platform, the number of factories that implement advanced production technologies with smart factory applications in cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa Kocaeli, Konya, Gaziantep in Turkey is increasing rapidly.”

Within the scope of IMATECH Fair, a session on “suitability for industrial operation and new products in uninterruptible power supplies” was held by TESCOM, which is also among the participating companies. In the session where TESCOM Electronics Marketing Manager Mahmut Alptekin was a speaker, the vital importance of uninterruptible power supplies for the industry was explained. Alptekin said, “We believe that we will have good cooperation and opportunities with this fair. Industrial UPS, which we designed for IMATECH Fair and the leading player of our stand. As it is known, we live in the age of industry 4.0, and we even hear the footsteps of 5.0. We are in a period where business processes are managed with data-based scientific methods and internet of things communication technologies are used together. With the development of technology and the spread of the machine automation industry, production processes by many companies have now passed to the machine together with the industry. For this reason, the increasing costs of this industry make efficiency an unconditional necessity. For this, it is critical for the process to run smoothly. At this point, when ‘uninterruptible power supplies’ are used as energy or backup power sources, they should be able to operate at the same performance even in harsh environmental conditions brought by the production industry.

Source: (BYZHA) – Beyaz News Agency

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