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Example service from Osmangazi to Elmasbahçeler

The Social Development Center implemented by the Municipality of Osmangazi in Elmasbahçeler neighborhood, one of the residential areas in the center of Bursa, was inaugurated with a ceremony attended by AK Party Vice President and Bursa MP Efkan Ala. The center, named after Mustafa Pamukçu who served as the neighborhood headman for 37 years, is an exemplary project that includes a headman’s office, a health center, OSMEK courses, and a green area.

The Municipality of Osmangazi, which has brought important projects to Bursa for “a more modern and livable Osmangazi,” opened the Mustafa Pamukçu Social Development Center, which was completed in Elmasbahçeler neighborhood. The center, built on a total area of ​​1,400 square meters, has a ground floor with a health center, headman’s office, and parking lot, and an upper floor with classrooms where OSMEK courses will be held.

AK Party Vice President and Bursa MP Efkan Ala, AK Party Bursa MP Refik Özen, AK Party Bursa Provincial Chairman Davut Gürkan, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Arif Bayrak, AK Party Osmangazi District Chairman Ufuk Cömez, neighborhood headmen, and citizens attended the opening ceremony hosted by the Mayor of Osmangazi, Mustafa Dündar.

In his speech at the ceremony, Mayor Dündar stated that they have offered the Mustafa Pamukçu Social Development Center to the service of the neighborhood as a beautiful project with its modern and functional structure, which includes a health center, headman’s office, and OSMEK courses that the neighborhood needs. Dündar mentioned that they named the new service building after Mustafa Pamukçu, who served the neighborhood as the headman for 37 years and recently passed away. He said, “Mustafa uncle has a great contribution to bringing this service to the neighborhood. Despite being ill, he participated in the groundbreaking ceremony and did not leave us alone. His prayers are also on the foundation. Unfortunately, he passed away before seeing this service completed. We named this center after him to keep his memory alive.”

Dündar added that they are adding value to Bursa with the monumental works they have implemented as the Municipality of Osmangazi. He emphasized that they are taking these works to the farthest corners of their district and finding solutions to the demands of their citizens. Dündar also mentioned the BAREM project, which is a peak project in social municipalism, and the Panorama 1326 Bursa Conquest Museum, which they brought to Elmasbahçeler neighborhood, as well as the ongoing works in Osmangazi Square, which will become the heart of Bursa when completed.

In a speech, Mayor Dündar stated that they provide significant services to neighborhoods in addition to great works, saying, “We have a service unit and social development centers in every neighborhood. We create spaces where our citizens can receive services and breathe in these areas. This service building will also be a place where Elmasbahçeler and Demirtaşpaşalı citizens can breathe. Our late headman Mustafa Pamukçu contributed a lot to the construction of this place. I would like to thank our Member of Parliament Refik Özen for his support as well. Let this service be auspicious for our neighborhood, Osmangazi, and Bursa.”

AK Party Vice President and Bursa Deputy Efkan Ala also thanked Osmangazi Mayor Mustafa Dündar for bringing these beautiful services to our neighborhoods. Ala pointed out that our political reason for doing politics is to serve. He stated, “We have a physical border, but our emotional geography is much wider. Therefore, we have to be stronger. This is an obligation for us. The countries around us have fallen apart. There is a big war between Russia and Ukraine. There is only one leader who talks to two heads of state. That is our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. We are doing these things with the support of each of you. You have stood behind us against all kinds of trouble for 20 years. You have always been in favor of Turkey’s stability. We have turned that power into an advantage in the international arena without abusing it, and we continue on our way. If Turkey is continuing as an island of stability in the midst of chaos, it is thanks to you.”

AK Party Bursa Deputy Refik Özen also expressed his happiness to attend the opening of a beautiful service in the Elmasbahçeler neighborhood where he was born and raised. He stated, “This beautiful service of Osmangazi Municipality is also an example of loyalty. I commemorate our Mustafa Pamukçu Uncle, who served this neighborhood for 37 years, with mercy. I thank Mayor Mustafa Dündar for his loyalty and this beautiful service.”

Elmasbahçeler District Headman Yaşar Gül thanked Mayor Dündar in his speech, saying, “I thank our valuable Mayor Mustafa Dündar, who brought this beautiful work that we have always dreamed of to our neighborhood and has left his mark in every corner of Osmangazi with the politics of work and service, on behalf of my neighborhood.”

The family of the late Mustafa Pamukçu also gave a thank-you plaque to Mayor Dündar, who exhibited an example of loyalty. The opening ribbon was cut with the prayers of Osmangazi District Mufti Mehmet Uzun, and AK Party Vice President…

Source: (BYZHA) Beyaz News Agency

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