Esteemed Korean Artists Showcase Talent At The Prestigious Artankara Art Fair

Esteemed Korean Artists Showcase Talent at the Prestigious ARTAnkara Art Fair

Esther Gallery is thrilled to present distinguished Korean artists to art enthusiasts in Turkey at the 10th ARTAnkara Art Fair. This prestigious event showcases the works of hundreds of artists from 40 countries, representing a diverse array of talents from both local and international galleries. Celebrating its 10th edition in March, the fair serves as a dynamic platform for artists, galleries, collectors, art enthusiasts, and academics alike. Esther Gallery, renowned for its artists blending traditional Korean and contemporary art, is set to participate for the second time this year. The fair preview is scheduled for March 6, followed by general audience viewing from March 7 to 10 at Ato Congresium.

The distinguished artists affiliated with Esther Gallery delve into themes encompassing human experience, personal transformation, and the beauty of nature in their compelling works. The lineup of artists presenting their works alongside Esther Gallery at the fair includes: Wang Ki, Seok-eun KIM, Yeon-Sun KIM (Becci KIM), Choong-yeul LEE, Yun Jin HAN, Gana Park, Sun Joo KIM, Kyung-Seok JOO, ANQI (Melek Anqi), Kyungme KIM, Bonnie Bang, Young-Sook Song, BlueRhee, and Soonnam Kim.

Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the participating artists:

Artist Spotlight: Wang Ki

Wang Ki
Wang Ki

In the enigmatic world of underwater photography, Wang Ki, a visionary artist, contemplates the origin of our existence, tracing it back to the vastness of the ocean—a timeless reservoir embodying the history of life and the relentless flow of time. The artist’s introspection suggests that the temporal existence of living creatures is intricately interwoven with the abyss, where the ebb and flow of life unfold.

Motivated by an ardent desire for unspoiled natural surroundings, the photographer embarks on a journey to the sea, seeking to capture the essence of the underwater realm. In Wang Ki’s artistic pursuit, underwater photography becomes a medium to articulate refined unconscious thoughts and actions harmonizing with the captivating beauty of the aquatic environment. Through these evocative images, the artist aspires to foster empathy, inviting a wider audience to connect with the mysterious vitality dwelling within the abyss—a profound exploration that transcends the boundaries of ordinary perception.

Artist Spotlight: Seok-eun KIM

Seok Eun Kim
Seok-eun KIM

In the realm of photography, Seok-eun KIM has embarked on a profound exploration, grappling with the timeless question that plagues creative minds: Can the ineffable essence and emotional resonance of a particular place or sacred space be adequately articulated through language? Drawing inspiration from the wisdom of Caspar David Friedrich, the eminent German landscape painter, KIM realized that encountering a divine landscape is a privilege often denied to those entrenched in the routines of ordinary existence. Motivated by this revelation, KIM committed to creating artworks that transcend the ordinary, capturing the elusive breath of the divine through the lens of a camera. Each photograph becomes a tangible manifestation of this artistic pursuit, inviting the viewer into a realm where the ordinary converges with the divine, transcending the commonplace and revealing the extraordinary within the frame of the artist’s lens.

Bae Taek-su, a perceptive photo critic, offers insight into Seok-eun KIM’s unique approach. Describing him not merely as a ‘photographer’ but as a ‘visual artist,’ Bae emphasizes the transformative nature of Eun KIM’s work. While ordinary photographers conclude their process with the click of a shutter, Eun KIM goes further, synthesizing, editing, and processing the captured images to create entirely new compositions that defy the realities of the known world. Through a meticulous blending of elements such as points, lines, planes, shapes, and colors, the artist crafts a visual language that goes beyond the constraints of verbal expression. Bae also draws parallels between KIM’s technique and the Surrealist painters Magritte and Delvaux, highlighting the incorporation of quantum mechanics into Seok-eun Kim’s works. This infusion of ‘discontinuity,’ ‘superposition,’ and ‘entanglement’ from quantum mechanics results in surreal and dreamlike landscapes, creating a unique artistic experience that captivates viewers with its originality and depth. Moreover, the influences of impressionism are evident in KIM’s ability to express diverse feelings through variations in weather, lighting, and color, providing a dreamlike quality to his landscapes that transcend the fleeting moment captured by traditional photography.

Artist Spotlight: Yeon-Sun KIM (Becci KIM)

Becci Kim
Yeon-Sun KIM (Becci KIM)

The artist, exploring the theme of solitude and sorrow, employs the butterfly motif as a poignant symbol in her metal paintings. By utilizing metal sheets as her canvases, she engages in arduous processes like grinding and scraping, shaping the metal to convey profound intensity and a harmonious rhythm. This transformative approach softens the inherent sharpness of the metal, resulting in the emergence of a distinctive and novel artistic style. Recognizing the uniqueness of each object through all senses, she boldly incorporates colors to depict the elements that resonate with her inner universe. In this intricate process, she captures a definitive form, skillfully reproducing the visions from her inner mind onto the metal sheets. The butterfly motif, delicately woven into the metal canvas, symbolizes transformation and metamorphosis, adding an additional layer of depth and meaning to her evocative works that speak to the depths of emotion and artistic expression.

Artist Spotlight: Choong-yeul LEE

Choon Yeul Lee
Choong-yeul LEE

Choong-yeul LEE’s artistic endeavors unveil a profound exploration of memory, considering it a unique form of existence. Within the archival traces of nature, his memories come to life, evoking a sense of pleasantness and prophecies of hope. In his work, the thick scent of existence is palpable, resonating like a knocking sound that initiates with the essence of memory. As Choong-yeul LEE walks through fields adorned with flowers and grass, an instinct to return overcomes him. Acknowledging nature as an encompassing force, he sees himself as an integral part of this vast realm. The circulation of energy, akin to a wheel turning during the process of regenerative instinct, is a motif that echoes the cyclical nature of human existence through past, present, and future. Memories, resembling protein-like elements, fuel this continuous cycle, driving movement and progress. The traces of blooming and withering flowers and grass in his work become a visual representation of the ebb and flow of memories, encapsulating both the vivid and faded moments that shape our experiences. Choong-yeul LEE’s art, crafted from wild grasses and flowers, strives to capture the whisper-like sound of memories, preserving them like files on a USB. The themes of excitement and brilliant relationships are intricately woven into his work, illustrating the enduring beauty of encounters and the timeless brilliance reminiscent of ancient relics. In this artistic exploration, Choong-yeul LEE invites viewers to contemplate the intricate interplay of memory and nature within the tapestry of their own lives.

Artist Spotlight: Yun Jin HAN

Yun Jin Han
Yun Jin HAN

Yun Jin HAN, a passionate artist with a background in vocal performance from Italy, discovered her love for art while pursuing it as a hobby in Seoul. Immediately captivated by the world of painting, Yun Jin embarked on a journey that would blend her artistic pursuits with memories of her old study abroad days in Italy, particularly reminiscing about the southern part of the country and Rome.

In her artwork, Yun Jin draws inspiration from the beauty of everyday life rather than grand or extraordinary subjects. Her creations depict scenes that echo the mundane yet enchanting moments of daily existence – people strolling down the streets, warm embraces, street musicians, and artists at work. Yun Jin’s artistic lens captures the subtle poetry inherent in these ordinary moments. Beneath the strokes of her brush, there lies a secret expression of love for her daughter, woven into the fabric of each painting. Through her art, Yun Jin invites viewers to share in her appreciation for the simple joys and connections found in the tapestry of everyday life.

Artist Spotlight: Kyung-Seok JOO

Kyung Seok Joo
Kyung-Seok JOO

K.S. JOO attempted to express human daily life through the ‘Hae-ra Series,’ which consists of four works by applying Korea’s unique mother-of-pearl lacquer technique (najeon-ottchil). Artist JOO presents a logo that simply expresses human daily life and emotions, and geometric shapes expressed with artistic sensibility using Ottchil paint and mother-of-pearl in four colors that match the logo. The artist increases artistic value by harmoniously combining Korean traditional Ottchil and modern design, and through the ‘Hae-Ra Series,’ he simplifies the emotions that humans can feel and expresses them in his work, which provides an opportunity to reflect on one’s own emotions.

Artist Spotlight: ANQI


ANQI (a.k.a Melek Anqi Kocasinan) is a contemporary artist of Turkish-Taiwanese origin known for her striking, colorful abstract paintings and digital art, and particularly the “Hiromita” cat character. Having completed her master’s degree at Yale University in the United States, the artist discovered her interest in painting while she was 7 years old in Taiwan, drawing Chinese characters like paintings without knowing any Chinese. ANQI’s bold and playful style with calligraphic thick lines synthesizes Asian visual elements with Western culture’s themes of individuation and authenticity. Her iconic character, Hiromita, inspired by Asian comic books and traditional Chinese roof cat sculptures (wamao), appears as a playful and tiger-spirited that encourages authenticity and genuine relationships.

Artist Spotlight: Gana Park

Gana Park
Gana Park

This artist’s canvas becomes a divine tapestry, capturing the colors of the sky that embody the light of a world crafted by God. A part of the ‘Happy Journey’ series, the azure hues in their work reflect the ever-changing sky, an endless source of inspiration and gratitude. Gazing up, witnessing the celestial spectacle, sparks a profound connection with the beauty unfolding above—a sentiment woven into the artist’s heart and expressed through their creations.

In their artistic pilgrimage, each piece is a testament to a life journey marked by faith and gratitude. The artist strives for their work to be not only pleasing to God but also a source of joy aligned with His divine will. The art delves into the mystical beauty of the night sky, portraying the enchanting purple and green auroras. Inspired by the cosmic dance of the aurora and the celestial conversation it evokes, the artist draws parallels with the stars in the Milky Way. Meditating on the Word, the artist translates the grace of the Holy Spirit, as witnessed in Mark’s upper room, into the ethereal form of an aurora, symbolizing divine presence covering the world.

Artist Spotlight: Sun Joo KIM

Sun Joo Kim
Sun Joo KIM

In the unfolding narrative of life’s enduring journey, the artist reflects on the profound beauty bestowed by everyday existence. Through the captivating tapestry of experiences encountered along the way, questions of identity find their answers in the eventual chapters of this ongoing odyssey. The artistic endeavor is a quest to encapsulate the preciousness of mundane details, to celebrate the ripples of small emotions that stir the soul, and to portray the sheer beauty of life as it unfolds, reflected in the canvas of their creations.

In the artist’s exploration of life’s journey, they find beauty in everyday moments and seek to capture the significance of small details and subtle emotions. At the heart of their work is a symbolic chair, evolving from a simple resting place to a vibrant space reflecting a world of dreams. Through depictions of nature and colorful embroidery, the chair transforms into a <queen’s seat>, symbolizing not just a personal realm but a universal space embodying the artist’s memories and dreams. The chair becomes an invitation for all to share in its regal essence, a powerful symbol of the world within.

Learn more about the 10th ARTANKARA Contemporary Art Fair:

About Esther Gallery:

Established in the eco-friendly Yangpyeong region of South Korea, Esther Gallery aims to enhance the beauty and kindness in the world through exhibitions and participation in national and international art fairs. Hosting regular solo and group exhibitions, the gallery actively participates in various national and international fairs, including Seoul Art Show, K-Art Fair, Incheon Asia Art Show, ArtAnkara, ArtContact Istanbul, and Art Festa Jeju.

Connect with Esther Gallery:

– Instagram: @esther_gallery2

– Website:

– Address: 73, Songguteo-gil, Yangseo-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

– Contact: info<at>

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