Energy Efficiency Iso 50001 Consulting Service Vat Energy

Energy Efficiency ISO 50001 Consulting Service: Vat Energy

VAT Energy offers businesses “ISO 50001 Consultancy Service” with its expertise and knowledge in energy and energy efficiency. They handle field and office work throughout the entire process, from installation to certification.

As environmental issues and energy costs increase worldwide, organizations need to be more careful about energy management and efficiency. ISO 50001-2018 Energy Management System, which emerged as a tool to respond to this need, provides guidance to organizations to increase energy efficiency and sustainability.

Designed to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint worldwide, this standard provides a framework for establishing, implementing, maintaining, updating, and improving energy management systems.


The main objective of developing ISO 50001-2018 standard is to establish a standard in the field of energy management, increase energy efficiency and sustainability, prevent energy wastage, and reduce energy costs. By implementing this standard, organizations can benefit from energy savings, energy efficiency, sustainable energy use, reduction of energy waste, and lowering carbon footprint.


ISO 50001 Energy Management System holds great importance in shaping the energy policies of businesses, determining energy performance indicators, calculating energy costs, and setting energy efficiency goals.

Vat Energy provides the necessary training and consultancy services for all ISO 50001 EnMS installation steps, up to the certification audit stage, at customer facilities.

Key training topics include: Energy Efficiency and Energy Management System Awareness Training for Blue Collar Workers, Energy Management System Basic and Advanced Level Training for the Energy Management Team, Internal Auditor Training, Energy, Efficiency, and Energy Management System Applications Training for Top Management and White Collar Workers.

Key consultancy service topics include: Energy Data Collection and Analysis, Establishment of Energy Reference Lines, Determination of Energy Performance Indicators, Calculation of Expected Energy Consumption and Comparison with Current Consumption, Development of Energy Action Plans, and completion of all other documentation required by the Energy Management Standard.


The ISO 50001-2018 standard helps organizations improve their effectiveness and efficiency in energy management. This standard provides a framework for energy management and specifies the requirements for energy management planning, implementation, maintenance, and updating. As a result, organizations can reduce energy consumption, increase energy efficiency, adopt sustainable energy use, reduce energy waste, and lower their carbon footprint.


Another benefit of the ISO 50001-2018 Energy Management System is that it enables businesses to use energy resources more efficiently due to the establishment of an effective energy management system. Additionally, this system allows for the monitoring of energy usage and performance by businesses, enabling them to manage energy consumption more effectively.

For detailed information and contact:

Gözde İpek

Marketing Specialist

Kısıklı Street, Oymacı Sokak

No: 2 Altunizade, Istanbul

444 32 50

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