Drug Prices And Accessibility In Pursuit Of A Global Issue (3)

Drug Prices and Accessibility: In Pursuit of a Global Issue

Drug Prices and Accessibility are at the forefront of a global issue that significantly affects access to healthcare services worldwide. Health is a fundamental human right, and this right should be provided fairly and equally to all individuals. However, the rising drug prices and the increasing difficulty in accessing these drugs are exacerbating healthcare inequality in many countries. Factors such as the profit-oriented nature of the pharmaceutical industry, the influence of patents and monopolies, health insurance, and government policies contribute to the root causes of this issue.


Profit-Oriented Pharmaceutical Companies: The pharmaceutical industry is largely driven by the private sector, and companies’ primary goal is profit maximization. This is a contributing factor that can lead to high drug prices. The research, development, and production processes of drugs are highly costly, and these costs increase the final product’s price. Pharmaceutical companies often pass on these costs to consumers in order to generate a return on investment.

Patents and Monopolies: Pharmaceutical companies often obtain patents to protect newly discovered drugs. These patents safeguard the exclusive rights of the drug for a specified period and prevent other companies from producing and marketing the same drug. As a result, the patent-holding company gains a monopoly over the drug and the power to control prices. This, in turn, keeps drug prices at high levels and limits competition.

Health Insurance and Government Policies: Drug prices and accessibility can also be influenced by a country’s healthcare insurance systems and public health policies. Some countries implement healthcare insurance programs or government-regulated drug price controls that provide citizens with access to lower-cost drugs, while in others, such opportunities are limited or nonexistent. This can lead to significant disparities in drug access and may hinder low-income individuals from accessing treatment.

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The rising drug prices and difficulties in accessing drugs lead to various negative consequences in the field of health. These effects include global healthcare inequality, untreated diseases, and public health issues:

Health Inequality: High drug prices significantly restrict access to healthcare services for low-income individuals. Low-income families may not afford necessary treatments, which can lead to the worsening of their illnesses, deepening healthcare inequality. Equal access to healthcare services is an integral part of everyone’s right to protect and improve their health. High drug prices can impede the proper realization of this right.

Untreated Diseases: Due to high costs, many people cannot afford necessary medical treatments. This can result in the progression, chronicity, or spread of diseases. Particularly, leaving life-threatening diseases untreated can lead to fatal consequences. The difficulty in accessing drugs contributes to the increase in both individual and societal health problems.

Public Health Issues: Inaccessible drugs can lead to the spread of infectious diseases and the growth of public health problems. High prices, especially for vaccines or infection control drugs, can hinder the control of epidemic diseases. This can threaten the overall health status of communities and impose additional burdens on healthcare systems. Limited access to public health can affect the general well-being of societies.

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Solution Approaches

The rising drug prices and accessibility challenges represent prominent manifestations of a global issue. However, there are various solution approaches to address this complex problem and establish a more equitable and accessible healthcare system:

Increased Transparency: Providing more transparency about drug pricing and costs can offer better information to consumers and healthcare systems. Pharmaceutical companies should share how costs are calculated and pricing is determined in a more transparent manner. This can help in establishing fairer and more competitive pricing.

Patent Reform: The extended patent rights of pharmaceutical companies on drugs limit competition and drive up prices. Shortening patent durations or implementing policies that reduce monopolistic control of drug companies can facilitate faster introduction of new drugs into competitive markets. This can contribute to lower drug prices and increased access to treatment for more people.

Public-Private Collaboration: Collaborations between the public and private sectors in drug development and production can reduce costs and facilitate greater access to drugs. Combining public resources with the research and development capacity of the private sector can lead to the faster and more economical development of new drugs.

Health Insurance and Public Policies: Health insurance and public health policies can lower drug prices and improve access for more people. Government-supported healthcare insurance programs or price regulations can help reduce the cost of drugs to more manageable levels. This can especially increase access to treatment for low-income individuals.

Drug prices and accessibility are a global issue, and solving it is complex. However, there are various policy changes and collaborative solutions available to increase access to drugs and reduce healthcare inequality. Addressing this issue is crucial for a healthier society and requires international efforts.

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