Cigdem Yorgancioglu And Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ozan Örmeci In Chi Ci Talks Interview On Ballot Politics In Turkey And Current Global Developments With The Upa Team

Cigdem Yorgancioglu and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ozan Örmeci in Chi Ci Talks Interview on Ballot Politics in Turkey and Current Global Developments with the UPA Team

The Istanbul Aydın University, aiming to train competent graduates in the field of Political Science and International Relations (English), focusing on the historical phases of the international system, its economic, political, and legal structure, the functioning of the system, and the relationships among states shaping the international system, featured a successful and visionary Political Scientist, UPA founder Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ozan Örmeci, and a world-traveler economist and educator, Cigdem Yorgancioglu, who completed the first semester of her third university (Istanbul University) in Political Science and International Relations years after graduating from Boğaziçi University with dual major programs from the Faculty of Administrative Sciences.

They conducted an interview at CHI CI Talks on the 2023-2024 Turkey Elections and Near-Term Politics on a global scale, held at Istanbul Aydın University’s Florya Campus. Firstly, it’s essential to provide some information about the CHI CI TALKS interview program attended by Cigdem Yorgancioglu, where they discussed local and global evaluations related to the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey, coinciding with the presidential and parliamentary elections and the 2024 local elections. This brief guide is crucial for understanding the inclusivity of the program:

2023 2024 Küresel Siyasi Gelişmeler Ve Seçimlerin Nabzı Üzerine Söyleşi Çiğdem Yorgancıoğlu Ve Doç. Dr. Ozan Örmeci (1)

CHI CI TALKS Interviews, Manifesto.

Cigdem Yorgancioglu Chi Ci Talks Diplomat, Technocrat, Scientist, Bureaucrat, Legal Professional, Academician, Professionals, Licensed Athletes, Artists, Thought Leaders, Innovators, Social Responsibility Project Professionals, Successful Leaders, and Businesspeople recognized as experts in their fields and working multidisciplinarily, keeping the spirit of curiosity, lifelong learning, and openness to new experiences alive, conducting interviews with valuable individuals and representatives of institutions who contribute value to society. The interviews adopt an approach that is completely free from negative, conflicting, and othering attitudes towards individuals and entities of any kind, emphasizing neutrality, transparency, independence, and a constructive critical thinking style without excluding a friendly, courteous, and sincere approach. Chi Ci Talks is a interview format that values the contributions of all parties, focusing on qualities and contributions while staying away from improvised, biased, or superficial approaches.

2023 2024 Küresel Siyasi Gelişmeler Ve Seçimlerin Nabzı Üzerine Söyleşi Çiğdem Yorgancıoğlu Ve Doç. Dr. Ozan Örmeci (2)

Although Chi Ci Talks is sometimes mistakenly expressed and labeled as an interview, it is essentially a concept that has no real connection with the audience, based on prepared and memorized questions to share content. The improvisational skill in the broadcasts comes from a qualified and labor-intensive research, reading, and understanding of the person’s areas of expertise by the anchor when sitting across from them. To respect the valuable time of both the host and the guest, clichéd questions or guiding intervention-style queries are not presented to the guest. Concept interview series can be referred to with names related to specific topics, such as Ci-Cademic (Academic interviews) Talks, Politi-Chi Talks (Politics), Chi-conomic Talks (Economy, Finance, Money, Banking, Economic Theories), Art-Chi Talks (Art), Ener-Chi Talks (Energy), Technolo-Chi Talks (Technology), and so on.

With a sustainable living approach and successful practices, “Cigdem Yorgancioglu Chi Ci Talks” aims to increase the knowledge and awareness level of all segments of society without neglecting to bring together appropriate axes. It also aims to support positive and lasting behavior changes in individuals, sensitive to the fields of social responsibility projects, and to inspire a quality, fair, efficient, conscientious, peaceful, and value-producing life. Additionally, it seeks to create space for the development of efficient projects that can contribute value to society through new scientific studies and/or projects, without missing the goal of bringing together all segments of society along appropriate axes.

2023 2024 Küresel Siyasi Gelişmeler Ve Seçimlerin Nabzı Üzerine Söyleşi Çiğdem Yorgancıoğlu Ve Doç. Dr. Ozan Örmeci (3)

Cigdem Yorgancioglu’s ChiCi Talks interviews aim to contribute to dialogues in creating environments where the cultural and professional backgrounds and talents of guests who add value to society can be revealed, and those interested in collaborating on projects can find inspiration. The platform draws its inspiration from Cigdem Yorgancioglu’s CLC 360 Education methodology.

ChiCi Talks, when inviting guests for interviews, develops methods that allow these valuable individuals to promote themselves within the limits of possibilities, without expecting any personal gain or benefit from the guest. Not accepting any financial compensation is one of its fundamental principles.

Furthermore, public video recordings and live social media broadcasts of ChiCi Talks are made with the consent of the participants (TTP) who actively join the broadcasts. Information security regarding any events or incidents in schools, institutions, or locations where the broadcast takes place, beyond the information conveyed during the preparation of posters, is another area that Cigdem Yorgancioglu ChiCi Talks pays careful attention to and exercises diligence.

During the broadcasts, the topics discussed have the potential to contribute to each expert creating a new database in their field in terms of knowledge, ideas, and even sparking new ideas. The guests in the broadcasts can perform their own PR without disrupting the integrity of the interview, sharing their ideas with their surroundings and respecting the ethical and diligence obligations in their social media presence to carve out a space for themselves in their expertise. Context and visual integrity are fundamental principles of the broadcasts.

In live/rebroadcasts, the platform adheres to the fundamental principles of national security, public order, public safety, the fundamental qualities of the Republic, and the protection of the indivisible integrity of the State with its country and people. It ensures the prevention of crimes, punishment of criminals, non-disclosure of information specified as state secrets, and the protection of the reputation of both the guests and any third parties mentioned in the broadcast. The use of a language of peace and constructive criticism is essential in Cigdem Yorgancioglu ChiCi Talks interviews.

2023 2024 Küresel Siyasi Gelişmeler Ve Seçimlerin Nabzı Üzerine Söyleşi Çiğdem Yorgancıoğlu Ve Doç. Dr. Ozan Örmeci (5)


The topics discussed in Dr. Örmeci’s new book, “2023 Turkish Elections In All Aspects,” published by Peterlang Publishing, touch on issues that shed light on the future of politics. The book reflects different perspectives in a manner that could serve as a textbook not only for university students but also for various political leadership academies. In addition to the topics covered in the book, some excerpts from the conversation include discussions on global-scale new collaborations and economic development opportunities, security policies, counter-terrorism, inflation, devaluation, geopolitical tensions, new regional alliances, power and opposition media discourse differences in the 2023-2024 Turkish Elections (Presidential and Parliamentary Elections, Local Elections), global uncertainties, touches on the current global and Turkish agenda, upcoming local elections, echoes of the expansion of the BRICS bloc with new countries joining (Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates), transformations and differences in perceptions towards leaders opposing autocracy and democracy worldwide, new developments in the global supply chain, the start of the election season in the U.S. and the possibility of the return of Trump, polarization policies, post-covid, post-earthquake, and the effects created locally and globally after the Ukraine war on Turkey-U.S. relations and Turkish foreign policy.

Some areas touched upon in the conversation include determining factors in global polarization, areas related to the Cyprus issue, the dominant situation of right-wing governments in Turkey except for a few periods since the Republic era, the realities, dilemmas, and dynamics of the academic world, strong dynamic areas of universities in Turkey, and promising aspects that need to be developed. The conversation also covers the paths that can be opened up for academics who produce more, the necessity of urban transformation and preserving history, and issues related to the Republic’s centennial.

In addition to the above, some remarks from Cigdem Yorgancioglu about CLC 360 Chi Lange Challenge’s lifelong education-teaching and learning methodology will be relevant. This includes comments on the working methods of academic institutions and actors in higher education aimed at raising competitiveness in the globalization process, the contribution of educational models in creating regional research centers, current working models in research and development, hosting high-level comprehensive, and well-budgeted projects within academic organizations and their contributions to national economies, areas of developing global higher education and geopolitical and economic relationship developments, the impact of student researcher and faculty mobility on cultural diversity, contributions of education-teaching, research-development on a societal scale, and the ways to measure these effects along with the transformation of measurement methods with digital transformation. The remarks also discuss the evolution of curriculum development in the new century, the construction of rote-free education, the importance of internationalization in the effort to create an information society, and the relationships of transnational higher education with brain drain, the international campus model, and Yorgancioglu’s paradigm-shifting learning models under CLC 360 – Chi Lange Challenge 360, emphasizing how learning can occur from scattered information, how excitement and permanence can be maintained in memory, and how flexible thinking can accelerate fluidity without getting stuck in material patterns.


briefly who is H. Cigdem Yorgancioglu – UPA

First of all; Cigdem Yorgancioglu and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ozan Örmeci in Chi Ci Talks Interview on Ballot Politics in Turkey and Current Global Developments with the UPA Team, a Research Writer at the International Policy Academy (UPA), is an academician conducting scientific research in the broad spectrum of political science, including World Politics, Turkish Political History, Political Psychology, Left Movements in Turkey, and Turkish Foreign Policy. She is an associate professor and the founder of UPA. She has contributed to the book “Mavi Elma: Türkiye-Avrupa İlişkileri” (Blue Apple: Turkey-Europe Relations), compiled by Dr. Ozan Örmeci and published by Gazi Kitabevi. In this book, she has provided a research contribution titled “AB Enerji Politikalarında Türkiye’nin Yeri” (Turkey’s Position in EU Energy Policies), a thoroughly analyzed work based on sources, information, and documents, reviewed by academics.

Cigdem Yorgancioglu’s path of thinking and writing in the political arena intersected with UPA in 2014, and it continues at various intervals to this day.

In addition to her artistic performances, poetry, and paintings, she has represented our country in different geographies and continents with theatrical performances and academic presentations. She has presented 18 personal oil, acrylic, and mixed technique painting exhibitions with theatrical presentations and dances on five continents of the world and in Turkey. She holds accreditations in Theater Training, Basic Occupational Health Expertise, Accredited Forensic Psychology Expertise, Information Technologies, and Contract Management Expertise in sectors such as Energy. She is also a licensed swimmer, 2nd level certified diver, and a sworn translator (from the 9th Notary). She is currently pursuing her third university degree (Boğaziçi University Business Administration, Istanbul University Political Science and International Relations).

Cigdem Yorgancioglu is an economist, trainer, social responsibility project idea and activity originator, world traveler, and performance artist. She has three published books.

UPA Research Topics of Cigdem Yorgancioglu: Energy, Diplomacy, Global Politics, Sustainability, Inclusiveness, Innovation and Information Technologies, Maritime Law, Energy Law, Forensic Sciences, Social Psychology in Politics, Diplomatic Interviews.

Yorgancıoğlu’s Proposed UPA Goals for the Future: UPA-specific academic panel, conference moderation, and organization; reading between the lines of Energy Technology Contracts and Negotiations in India, China, and Russia.


Who is H. Cigdem Yorgancioglu?

Hicran Cigdem Yorgancioglu

Personal websıte                          



RESUME BLOG                             

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/DÜNYA TURU 107 ÜLKE                             



LEARNING METHODOLOGY                          

Mım chı drama dance theatre                     

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Bosphorus University – Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Business-Economics graduate (double major). Currently, she has officially enrolled in her third university at Istanbul University, Department of Political Science and International Relations, starting from August 2023. Sworn Translator – Art Curator – Event Organizer – International Panel Moderator – Former Turkcell Swim Team Captain for 2 terms (‘term Euroasia Corporate Games Girls Team Championship-Team Name Eftalya). Expert Witness in Criminal and Legal Courts on risk assessment related to IT, Telecommunications, Energy, FMCG, and General Production and Service Sector Contracts (Sworn Istanbul Courthouse) – Diplomatic media member (see Diplomatic Interviews) – Supplier Auditor – Contract (Commercial) Risk & Corporate Consultant, Educator, at universities such as Boğaziçi University, Haliç University, Bahçeşehir University, Trakya University, Düzce University, and abroad.

For example, she has given seminars as a Visiting Professor (

Motivational Speaker. World Traveler (Visited a total of 107 countries as of December 2018) – Visual and Theatrical Performance Artist. Founder of Chi Ci Talks under MIM CHI 360 Drama Dance Theatre Math Philosophy. Author – Certified Diver (PADI-Advanced Level) – Licensed Swimmer (Boğaziçi University Swim Team-Turkcell Swim Team). Fossil shark collector, columnist in Energy Newspaper, Newspaper Economy BTHaber, International Policy Academy, and Gündem Ekonometre. Member of MSG – Musicians’ Society, National Geographic Society, Volunteer for KAÇUV (Foundation for Children with Cancer), LÖSEV Volunteer, AFAD Volunteer, AKUT Volunteer, Lions Club External Support Projects Volunteer – Social tango dancer.

With 36 years of work experience, she has held managerial positions in various companies (Foreign Trade Manager/Finance Manager), with expertise in Procurement, Supply, and Contract Management. Based on her experience, she provides training and mentoring services in Turkish and English in the fields of Information Technologies, Communication, Telecommunications, Energy, Food, FMCG, Logistics, Pharmacology, Foreign Trade, etc. She specializes in technical procurement and contract risks under the “Paradigm Lifelong Change” modules with a creative approach to adaptation and leadership in change. She covers topics such as Communication, Corporate Culture, Body Language and Breathing Techniques, Persuasion and Negotiation Techniques, Advanced Negotiation Techniques and Diplomacy, Conflict Resolution, Handling Difficult Customers and People Management, Personal and Corporate Dynamism, Logistics, Procurement Supply Chain Contract Management, International Contracts Literacy, Social Media, Effective Communication Techniques in Call Centers, Stress Management, Innovation and Technology Adaptation, HR Recruitment Interview Techniques, Effective Collection Persuasion Management, and Mediation in Relationship and Negotiation Management.

She is a world traveler spanning five continents and also an artist representing Turkey abroad with exhibitions/performances, conducting interviews with the diplomats, ambassadors, or tribes of various civilizations. Alongside her career, she actively applies extraordinary life skills and out-of-the-box thinking in her life. She shares her experiences from world travels on TRT’s Seyyah program and TV programs where she has been a guest, engaging in various social responsibility projects on Peace and Education. She is the owner of the name rights for the NGO Platform idea called RICHLEND. Her first book, published in 2003, features poems written in memory of the Nemrut Kommagene festival, and its CD and book sales proceeds are directed towards education and tourism promotion in the East by the Governorship. Her second book, currently read as a textbook by 65,000 students, contributes to the study materials and projects of these students. The revenue from this book is also directed towards these students’ needs and projects. The book has been published as a Cultural Publication by the Governorship. Known as the first person to apply the “Oulipo” technique using anagrams in her education, paintings, and articles, Yorgancıoğlu has also represented Turkey abroad as an artist and educator supported by the Embassy and Chamber of Commerce.

In October 2018, she moderated a panel at the international Turkey Energy Forum held at the Shangri La Hotel in Istanbul, and in November 2018, she moderated a panel at the 7th Turkey Public-Private Sector Partnerships Forum, which took place at Sheraton in Ankara… at the PPP Energy Forum.

Cigdem Yorgancioglu Will Again Act As Moderator at ‘Ppp In Turkey 2018’

She contributed to the book “Mavi Elma: Turkey-Europe Relations,” published by Gazi Kitabevi, with articles by UPA writers, founded by Ozan Örmeci. She provided a contribution titled “Turkey’s Position in EU Energy Policies” (Cigdem Yorgancioglu).

In December 2018, as an invited guest of Peking University and the Guangzhou Municipality, she went to Guangzhou, China. She conducted an academic presentation at an international event attended by scholars and artists, discussing the potential and dynamics of tango in creating positive impacts on world peace and friendships. Representing Turkey, her academic presentation was broadcast live and in replay on local and national TV channels in China. Yorgancıoğlu’s presentation marked the first step of a project emphasizing the importance of friendships in tango, particularly in the context of women’s world peace and poetry. As a social tango dancer, Yorgancıoğlu has also played a role in translating an English poem about tango into Chinese.


· During her tenure as a senior specialist in the Turkcell Technical Procurement and Contract Management Department, she was honored with an award for a development project related to tax law in contracts – TURKCELL DIET APPLICATION Quality Department continuous improvement – Corrective Activity 9118 – Award

Cigdem Yorgancioglu – Aydın Bar Association – Forensic Sciences Competition second place award

· University of California Berkeley – Entrepreneurship & Development – Application of the Design Thinking presentation honor after learning the concept

· RADO Swiss Watch Best Translator and Best Distributors Coordination Leader of the Year – JungFrau-Lengnau – Switzerland 1991

· Turkcell Swimming Team Captain – Individual Medals and Team Awards – Boğaziçi University team and individual awards and medals

· Awards for Social Responsibility projects, conference presentation, education projects, and presentations conducted within Governorates

· Estonia Tallinn – E-Governance presentation.

· United Nations Sub Committees speech – Syria 2nd Geneva Talks – Peace-building efforts and conflict resolution ideas

· İznik Folklore Festival Jury and a special award presented by the Mayor for the personal painting exhibition and theatrical performance opened at Hagia Sophia

· Awards given in representation of Qatar-Turkey relations

· Peking University academic presentation – Guangzhou Presentation special awards and honors

Other Awards and Theatrical Dance Career

Dance and Theatre Dance Career – Examples from Dance and Theatrical Dance Career

Ballet – Şişli Terakki High School Primary School – Short-Term Activities

Folklore Şişli Terakki High School – Primary School – Short-Term Activities

Modern Dance, Bosphorus University – Teacher: Zeynep Günsur

1985 – Bosphorus University Theater Club

1994 United Kingdom, Porto Bello – Solo & Contact Improvisation Dance

1998 Budapest, Vaci Utca MIM CHI 360 Street Dances – Kurt Cobain Breezes

Czech Republic 2005 Mim Chi Street Dance Football Style – Kafka Metamorphosis Dance – “Krizalit Kristalin”

1997 New York Central Park Sirtaki Style Mim Chi Dance Coloured Pants

Maori Tribes 2003 New Zealand Rotorua – MIM CHI Haka Dance Mım chi fusion – “haka shaka”

Masai Mara Tribes-Kikuyu Tribes Dance 2008; Kenya (Last Session: Hakuna Matata Mım Chı 360 MIM CHI 360 Tribal Dances

2000 Holland Dam Square MIM CHI 360 Street Dance

2002 Madrid Plaza Mayor – Silence

2004 Athens Sirtaki MIM CHI style fusion – Greek Mythology PROMETHEUS BAKUS AND FIRE

2005 August, Opera Style Mim Chi drama dance theatre Wien Austria

2009 India Bombay – Indian Kathak Dance Style MIM CHI

2008 – Bahamas Caribbean Salsabely Style Mermaid Dance – Junkanoo Practices with MIM CHI 360

2008 Art Theatre Dance Performance leader for activities for kids in TEKMAN ERZURUM by TURKCELL

Dubai January 2006 Uae Mım Chı 360 Indian Dance Style

Qatar October 2009 Doha After Performance Indian Style Mım Chı – Turkish Belly Fusion

İznik Folklore Festival Jury Member – 2nd İznik International Folklore Festival

2018 April, Tokyo Japan MIM CHI 360 Sakura Dance – Kendo style – Kabuki Style

2018 December, China Guangzhou War Dances

Tango da Yemeni Ministry Of Internal Affairs – Tasev – Gaziantep Yemenisi Yaşatma Derneği

Tango Therapy Platform: Founder – Kurucu 2020

Ci Tango Talks: Originator – Anchorwoman

Tango Event Organizer: Fair Tango Event Curator ICC Lütfi Kırdar Istanbul March 2020 (4 days)

Lions Club Guest – Tango Social Dance Performance with one of the social dance partners 2023

Historical Husrev Kethuda Hamam Mım Chı 360 Victory Dances – Opening Cocktail Dance 2023 Sept.

Büyükada Adalar Kültür Derneği 2023 Sept – MIM CHI 360 Authentic Improvisation Authentic Solo Contact Enigma Dance

LOSEV Mim Chi 360 2023 October

Next Pera Art Gallery opening cocktail dance performance

Examples of Cigdem Yorgancioglu’s appearances on media organizations as a program guest:

  • SKY TV: Program guest
  • KRT TV: Program guest
  • CHANNEL 34: Program guest
  • BARIS TV: Program guest
  • Kastamonu TV: Program guest
  • TEMPO TV: Program guest
  • KOSOVO TV: Program guest
  • Hindi Tv Qatar: Program guest
  • Al Jazeera Tv Qatar: Program guest
  • Business Tv: Program guest
  • Universite TV: Program guest
  • BAU RADYO: Program guest
  • TRT RADYO: Program guest (2004-2005)
  • TRT RADYO Hatay: Program guest (2015)
  • Rumeli TV: Program guest (2023)
  • ENDÜSTRİ RADYO: Program guest
  • WORLDTURK TV: Program speaker and anchorman (2022)
  • İLK ZİRVE TV: Anchorman (2022)
  • NEOTV: Anchorman (2022)
  • Gazete Ekonomi: Columnist
  • Enerji Gazetesi: Senior Editor and Researcher, Columnist
  • CEM TV: Program guest (2023)

General Overview of Competence and Skills of Cigdem Yorgancioglu:

  • Business Risks Management and Contract Management Consultant
  • Over 10 years of Turkcell experience in Telecommunication (since 2000)
  • 25 years of IT and ICT Contracts and Procurement experience as a senior expert
  • Forensic Sciences Expert in Turkish Criminal and Legal Courts for Information Contracts, with an oath date in 2014 at Çağlayan Adliyesi
  • Energy Sector Experience since 1995
  • Researcher, Lecturer, Teacher, Education and Training Coordinator since 2010
  • Event organizer since 2003
  • Artist in performing arts, poetry, theatrical performance, dance, and painting since 1985
  • Originator of social responsibility projects since 2003
  • Creative Content Provider and creator since 2003
  • World traveler with visits to 107 countries since childhood
  • Representation of Turkey abroad in academic, lecturing, and artistic capacities
  • Media Press researcher, TV program anchorman, and presenter since 2021
  • Keynote Speaker and Conference Moderator since 2003
  • Cognitive and Behavioral Risk expert since 2010
  • Theatre dance drama teacher since 2003 with accreditation in 2023
  • Forensic Psychology back support expert since 1999 with accreditation in 2023


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Dr. Ozan Örmeci was born on March 29, 1981, in Bornova-Izmir. He is of Senirkent-Isparta descent on his father’s side. He completed his primary education at Izmir Turk College (ITK) and went on to complete his middle school and high school education at Izmir Saint-Joseph French College. In 2004, he graduated with honors from Bilkent University’s Political Science and Public Administration Department. Dr. Örmeci pursued a combined doctoral program in Political Science at Bilkent University, completing it in 2011 with his thesis titled “Portrait of a Turkish Social Democrat: Ismail Cem,” under the guidance of Dr. Berrak Burçak. His thesis received acclaim from a distinguished jury, including Prof. Metin Heper, Prof. Ergun Özbudun, Prof. Ayşe Güneş Ayata, and Dr. Nur Bilge Criss.

From 2009 to 2012, Dr. Örmeci worked as a Lecturer at Uşak University’s Public Administration Department. Subsequently, between October 2012 and January 2016, he served as an Assistant Professor and Department Head of Political Science and Public Administration (English language) at Girne American University (GAU) in North Cyprus (TRNC). Continuing his academic career, he worked as an Assistant Professor at Beykent University in Istanbul from March 2016 to September 2018.

Dr. Örmeci earned the title of Associate Professor in June 2018 and began his tenure as an Associate Professor in the Department of International Relations (English language) at Istanbul Gedik University in September 2018. In June 2019, he was appointed Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration at Istanbul Gedik University, where he also briefly served as the Department Head. From October 2020 to June 2023, he worked as an Associate Professor at Istanbul Kent University, overseeing the departments of Political Science and Public Administration (Turkish and English). Since July 2023, Dr. Örmeci has been working as an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science and International Relations (English) at Istanbul Aydın University.

Throughout his career, Dr. Örmeci has contributed significantly to academic literature, with numerous scientific books and articles published both nationally and internationally. He has edited academic books on Turkish Foreign Policy, such as “Turkish Foreign Policy in the New Millennium” (Peter Lang, 2015), “Mavi Elma: Türkiye-Avrupa İlişkileri” (Gazi Kitabevi, 2016), “Historical Examinations and Current Issues in Turkish-American Relations” (Peter Lang, 2020), “Turkish-French Relations: History, Present, and the Future” (Springer, 2022), and “Cumhuriyet’in 100. Yılında Nasıl Bir Dış Politika?” (Nobel Akademik Yayıncılık, 2023). Additionally, he authored books in Turkish, analyzing the political systems and foreign policies of countries like the United States, China, Russia, France, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

Dr. Örmeci is proficient in English and French. He holds various responsibilities, serving as the Political Science Studies Coordinator for the Ankara-based Political Psychology Association (PPD), the Founding General Coordinator of the International Political Academy (UPA), and the owner of the UPA Strategic Affairs academic journal. His primary research areas include International Politics, Comparative Politics, Great Power Competition, Political Psychology, Turkish Political History, Leftist Movements in Turkey, and Turkish Foreign Policy.

Dr. Ozan Örmeci has been married to Cansu Örmeci (Karakoç) since September 30, 2011, and they are the parents of two children. In addition to his academic pursuits, Dr. Örmeci is a congress member of Karşıyaka Sports Club.

Professeur Ozan Örmeci est né en 1981 à Bornova-Izmir. Il est originaire de la région de Senirkent-Isparta du côté paternel. Il a terminé ses études primaires au Collège turc d’Izmir (ITK) et a fait ses études secondaires au Lycée français Saint-Joseph d’Izmir. Il a été diplômé du département des sciences politiques et de l’administration publique de l’université Bilkent en 2004 en tant qu’étudiant de grande distinction. En 2011, il a obtenu un doctorat de l’université de Bilkent en sciences politiques avec sa thèse intitulée « Portrait d’un social-démocrate turc : Ismail Cem », sous l’encadrement de Professeur Berrak Burçak, avec un jury distingué composé du Prof. Metin Heper, du Prof. Ergun Özbudun, du Prof. Ayşe Güneş Ayata et de Dr. Nur Bilge Criss. Il a débuté sa carrière académique comme chargé de cours au département d’administration publique de l’université d’Uşak entre 2009 et 2012. Entre octobre 2012 et janvier 2016, il a travaillé comme professeur assistant et a dirigé le département de sciences politiques et d’administration publique (en anglais) en chypre à l’université américain de Girne (Kyrenia). En outre, entre mars 2016 et septembre 2018, il a travaillé comme professeur assistant au département de sciences politiques et d’administration publique (en anglais) à l’université de Beykent à Istanbul. Il est devenu, par la suite, maître de conférences en juin 2018. Il a commencé à travailler en tant que professeur associé au département des relations internationales (en anglais) de l’université Gedik à Istanbul en septembre 2018. Il a été nommé maître de conférences au département de sciences politiques et d’administration publique de l’université Gedik à Istanbul en juin 2019 dont il a également occupé le poste de chef de département pendant une bonne période. Entre octobre 2020 et juin 2023, il a travaillé comme professeur associé à l’Université d’Istanbul Kent et a dirigé les départements de sciences politiques et d’administration publique (turc et anglais). Il travaille comme professeur associé au département de sciences politiques et de relations internationales (anglais) de l’Université Aydın d’Istanbul depuis juillet 2023. Il a préalablement publié plusieurs ouvrages et articles scientifiques tant en Turquie qu’à l’étranger. Il est auteur ou éditeur de multiples livres académiques spécialisés à la politique étrangère turque. Notamment, Turkish Foreign Policy in the New Millennium (Pete Lang, 2015), Mavi Elma: Türkiye-Avrupa İlişkileri (Gazi Kitabevi, 2016), Historical Examinations and Current Issues in Turkish-American Relations (Peter Lang, 2020), Türk-Amerikan İlişkileri (Urzeni Yayıncılık, 2021), Türkiye-Fransa İlişkileri (Urzeni Yayıncılık, 2022), Turkish-French Relations: History, Present, and the Future (Springer, 2022), Cumhuriyet’in 100. Yılında Nasıl Bir Dış Politika? (Nobel Akademik Yayıncılık, 2023) et 2023 Turkish Elections in All Aspects (Peter Lang, 2023). De plus, Professeur Örmeci a rédigé une multitude de livres en langue turque qui s’adressent principalement à analyser le système politique et la politique étrangère de divers pays, à savoir les États-Unis, la Fédération de Russie, la République populaire de Chine, la France, le Royaume-Uni ainsi que l’Allemagne. En revanche, la maîtrise des langues française et anglaise lui permet de s’exprimer avec aisance et d’écrire de manière académique. A propos de sa vie associative, Dr. Ozan travaille également en tant que spécialiste pour l’Association turque de psychologie politique (PPD), coordinateur de l’initiative de l’UPA (Académie politique internationale) et propriétaire de la revue académique UPA Strategic Affairs. Ses principaux intérêts de recherche sont : la politique internationale, la politique comparée, la politique des grandes puissances, la psychologie politique, l’histoire politique turque, les mouvements de gauche en Turquie et la politique étrangère turque. Dr. Ozan Örmeci est marié à Cansu Örmeci (Karakoç) depuis le 30 septembre 2011 et est le père de deux enfants. Il est également membre du congrès du club sportif de Karşıyaka.

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Would you like to lose weight while sitting down? Yelda Başaran
I Was Asking The Questions 'why, For What Reason, How' Very Often Special Interview With Eray Emin Aydemir And Eylül Aşkın
I was asking the questions ‘why, for what reason, how?’ very often – Special interview with Eray Emin Aydemir and Eylül Aşkın
Power Of Literature At Evolution Art Gallery Book Signing Event For Nesrin Dosdoğru's 'hide And Seek With Fathers'
Power of Literature at Evolution Art Gallery: Book Signing Event for Nesrin Dosdoğru’s ‘Hide and Seek with Fathers’
Meeting Of Young Art In Denizculture And Gallery Deniz 85 Works Of 48 Artists Are Being Exhibited
Meeting of Young Art in DenizCulture and Gallery Deniz: 85 Works of 48 Artists are Being Exhibited
Fashion And Comfort Meet Come As You Are
Fashion and Comfort Meet: Come As You Are
The Evolution Of Art Episode 18 Lawyer Serra Taşköprü, Günsu Saraçoğlu Evolution Art, Mikado Communication
The Evolution of Art Episode 18 – Lawyer Serra Taşköprü, Günsu Saraçoğlu – Evolution Art, Mikado Communication
An Exciting Exhibition At Red Art In Istanbul Lunatic Asylum
An Exciting Exhibition at RED ART in Istanbul: Lunatic Asylum
Ai Supported Recruitment Biases And Solutions
AI-Supported Recruitment: Biases and Solutions
Yed I Sevda Concert Young Talents And Master Artists Shared The Same Stage
Yed-i Sevda Concert: Young Talents and Master Artists Shared the Same Stage
Contemporary Suseven, Who Is In The Spotlight With His Latest Single Broken Guitar, With Eylül Aşkın... Exclusive Interview
Çağdaş Suseven, who is in the spotlight with his latest single “Broken Guitar,” with Eylül Aşkın… Exclusive Interview
Günsu Saraçoğlu's Rebirth Collection Can Be Visited Until July 4th
Günsu Saraçoğlu’s “ReBirth” Collection Can Be Visited Until July 4th
The Evolution Of Art Episode 17 Günsu Saraçoğlu, Eylül Aşkın Evolution Art, Mikado Communications
The Evolution of Art Episode 17 – Günsu Saraçoğlu, Eylül Aşkın – Evolution Art, Mikado Communications
Turkey's Alpet Is Now Brand New Çiğdem Yorgancıoğlu Impression
Turkey’s Alpet Is Now Brand New – Çiğdem Yorgancıoğlu Impression
Erkan Ulu Schools' Young Philosopher Awards 2024 Competition Results Announced Here Are The Winners!
Erkan Ulu Schools’ Young Philosopher Awards 2024 Competition Results Announced: Here are the Winners!
The Corporate Governance And Sustainability Panel Will Take Place In Adana
The Corporate Governance and Sustainability Panel Will Take Place in Adana
Şahsenem Most Successful Artist Of Central Asia And Turkiye
Şahsenem “Most Successful Artist of Central Asia and Turkiye”
Rıdvan Akparlak I Think Popular Culture Has Hurt Us A Lot In Terms Of Music. Exclusive Interview With Eylül Aşkın
Rıdvan Akparlak: “I think popular culture has hurt us a lot in terms of music.” Exclusive Interview with Eylül Aşkın
The Evolution Of Art Episode 16 Ekrem Kahraman, Günsu Saraçoğlu Evrim Art, Mikado Communication
The Evolution of Art Episode 16 – Ekrem Kahraman, Günsu Saraçoğlu – Evrim Art
An Exhibition Dedicated To Virginia Woolf, A Room Of One's Own, Kendİne Aİt Bİr Oda
An exhibition dedicated to Virginia Woolf, “A Room of One’s Own”, “KENDİNE AİT BİR ODA”
Mikedi Aims To Introduce Turkish Culture To The World With The Lucky Charm Cat 3
Mikedi aims to introduce Turkish culture to the world with the Lucky Charm Cat
From The Pen Of Serra Taşköprü 'will You Lynch Me' 'beni LİnÇ Eder Misiniz
From the Pen of Serra Taşköprü: ‘Will You LYNCH Me?’ ‘Beni LİNÇ Eder misiniz?
Çiğdem Yorgancıoğlu Centennial Republic & Fairy Tales 4 Children
Çiğdem Yorgancıoğlu: Centennial Republic & Fairy Tales 4 Children
Following The Trail Of Cultural Diversity The 13th Edition Of The Sintesi Exhibition Has Begun!
Following the Trail of Cultural Diversity: The 13th Edition of the SINTESI Exhibition Has Begun!
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