Çiğdem Yorgancıoğlu, 360k Bay Z, Mim Chi &clc 360 Circle

Çiğdem Yorgancıoğlu, 360k Bay Z, Mim Chi &Clc 360 Circle

CLC 360 EducAction, Chi Ci Talks, and MIM CHI 360 Dance Theatre founder and Performance Artist, Choreographer, Critic, Theatre Educator, Forensic Psychology Expert, Forensic Computing Contracts Specialist, Turkish Criminal and Legal Courts Computing Contracts Forensic Expert, Trainer, Economist, World Traveler, Çiğdem Yorgancıoğlu shared her thoughts on the play “Bay Z” she watched on World Theatre Day, stating that the play is a complete educational curriculum and it brought together State Theatre staff actors.

Yorgancıoğlu’s impressions of the play, the educational curriculum she derived from it, the determined target points, capsule compendium of topic headings, exemplifications, and some excerpts from her words are as follows:

Based on Bülent Usta’s screenplay and directed by Atilla Şendil, with Ali Çelik, Gerçek Alnıaçık, Orkun Gülşen, and Ozan Uçar starring, “Bay Z.” was one of the best plays I watched this year, not just as a theatre educator but also as a game theory education. An experience of learning within art. As someone who works on cognitive and behavioral projections in Forensic Sciences, Criminology, Psychology, Neuroscience, I considered “Bay Z” as an inspirational muse that would shed light on my workshops, academic article research, and studies for a long time to come. I started weaving it in my mind like a thread that would turn into a spider’s web.

The state of ensuring the security of memory, readings of Bay Z through Criminal Procedure Law, Social science experiments – readings through the Milgram Experiment, anything stated openly or secretly by the parties is ready to be included in the educational curriculum.

While referring to the First Law of Thermodynamics in the play, which states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, in other words, energy can be transformed but not created or destroyed, the question of how the law works in the corruption of calculations is a subject that will be philosophically pondered for a long time, especially when household matters either match or don’t match. “The Ambiguity of Routine and Dose Poison.” I said to myself that it was tailor-made for my trainings.

Before the play, when the International Statement for World Theatre Day on March 27 was read, the words of Norwegian writer Jon Fosse, who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2023, were remarkable and extremely memorable: “Actually, it’s very simple: as war and peace are opposites, war and art are also opposites. ART IS PEACE.” Good art beautifully combines the particular with the universal. It allows us to understand the different – you can also say the foreign – as universal. By doing so, art transcends boundaries between languages, geographical regions, and countries. It brings together not only the individual qualities of everyone but also the individual characteristics of every human group, such as every nation.” These words once again revealed how close to peace and inclusivity art is. The play began at the end of the declaration.

In Istanbul, in the Şişli district, at Torun Center, one of the plays of the State Theatres of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey is being performed. It’s a room theatre; the audience is on both sides of the stage. We see a scene that could soon turn into an interrogation room for a deep financial crime investigation in a basement with gray walls. In this scene, office furniture is close to contemporary designs. When looked at the costume, light, furniture decor, design, accessories, and similar stage plastics, the feeling of today prevails. Office chairs are mostly referred to as manager chairs with plastic armrests and chrome-legged office furniture in catalogs. Foldable wooden chairs from the outdated 80s are on the side. In fact, when topics like Bitcoin and new-generation technologies were discussed towards the end of the play, we’ll find traces of our time. The play sparked neurons. It’s noticed not through reasoning but intuitively from the first minutes that the cube of intelligence is drawn into the game. The pace of the game is balanced. Following the main threads of the play, it’s not white-collar middle-class top managers or auditors that give you this feeling. So what is it then? The answer to the question lies in the credibility of the roles the theatre actors have entered. Except for character analysis, there are zero amateur actors among the 4 people in the play. They’re all professionals. It’s as if not a single line deserves to be missed. Yes, it’s like that.

Çiğdem Yorgancıoğlu , Bay Z, Clc 360 Nöronu  ateşledi (2)

Before the play began, as I glanced around the hall, my first instinct was that we might witness something akin to Franz Kafka’s “The Trial,” first published in 1925. It was entirely coincidental and intuitive.

There are four ergonomically designed office chairs around a rectangular table. The lamps are quite suitable to be interrogation lamps. The sound of dripping water accompanies the darkness. Drip, drip, drip… Suddenly, the light intensifies, gradually illuminating the stage. The reflections of the mood of Daniel Morrison, the chief auditor of the accounting department, who feels restricted, hindered, deprived of his toy, imprisoned, can be heard in his murmuring voice, as he sips water from a plastic blue-capped bottle of around 200 ml, feeling a state of rebellion. Within this feeling of imprisonment, there is another worry, anxiety, fear, or self-blame, without yet having any evidence. IT WAS A MISTAKE… A SYSTEM ERROR. Since the authority of a company with restricted powers might have a technical malfunction, such as the magnetic strip personnel digital identity card not working for the next auditor, or even not being able to leave once they’ve entered. Amidst the flow, while not noticing the cameras giving an Orwellian sense of 1984, there’s still a glimmer of hope, thinking that maybe the magnetic strip of the card is damaged… maybe if we spit on it, it might work. Shock, increasing sense of helplessness, turning towards the crumpled paper in the trash can. Behind the folded wooden chairs, there is a staircase. It might make one think, even if briefly, that it could be an exit for the imprisoned individuals, until realizing at the end of the play that there is no connection. If we were to describe it as detective or psychological thriller, it wouldn’t suffice; it would be too reductionist for this play… Let’s not give away too many spoilers. A thorough analysis is needed to see the traces of mathematician John Nash’s game theory in this interrogation room… I’ve already mapped out my educational itinerary… Let me pour some ear drops related to some of the headings… Pouring to calm the storm in the brain.

The basement and imprisoned top-level executives evoke, not in the context of the event but in terms of the associations of the decor, Philip Zimbardo’s experiment, conducted in the fake prison built in the basement of the Psychology Department at Stanford University, where subjects were made to act as guards and prisoners for 2 weeks. In that fiction, the subjects assigned to the role of guards were given uniforms, batons, and glasses to avoid eye contact, and were instructed not to give in to the prisoners in any way, to maintain order, and to address the prisoners by their numbers. No instructions were given on how to behave or maintain order. If I were to continue thinking about these, I would lose track of the play. I recommend readers or listeners to research this experiment, which examines the cruelty of guards by turning their power into cruelty towards the prisoners, during the experiment. It’s an issue that can’t be reduced to psychological torture. Let’s return to Bay Z again. As the minutes passed in the flow of the game…

There’s also Solomon Asch’s experiment on group pressure and conformity behavior, which deserves contemplation…

The administrative affairs manager, who thinks she’ll oversee Morrison, the chief auditor character (played by Ali Çelik), unaware that she’ll experience a limitation herself, enters the scene with a confident and sharp expression, dressed in a black robe like a judge coming to trial, with a demeanor that dominates the others, half feminine, half masculine body language, with an air of determination and unwavering self-assurance, Janet Lane (played by Gerçek Alnıaçık). She was unaware that she wouldn’t be able to leave through that door again.

The head of the IT department, Sharp, dressed semi-casually, gives off a poker-faced vibe, sometimes appearing apathetic, mostly calm, barely showing any stress during any questioning except for playing with a pen, sometimes displaying passive-aggressive behavior, Deren Sharp’s character (played by Orkun Gülşen) enters. The comfort he showed when he said, “I don’t know why I came here, you’ll tell me,” was memorable. These were the words he uttered without realizing that he wouldn’t be able to leave through the door.

And the head of the company’s security department, Gabriel Larson (played by Ozan Uçar), whose face I saw less often, mostly with his back turned to me, enters the game.

For Bay Z, saying it’s just a detective or psychological thriller isn’t enough. It’s an engaging pursuit.

Çiğdem Yorgancıoğlu , Bay Z, Clc 360 Nöronu  ateşledi (3)

In a successfully staged play where spontaneous dialogues without memorization were observed, the idea of adding different alternative contents to the characters of the play, even different scenarios, thankfully didn’t hinder my focus on the play as it began to form in my mind. The reason for this is undoubtedly the strength of the original script. Otherwise, I didn’t have concerns about whether the actors would successfully portray these scenarios in my mind onto the stage. By the way, when there is a powerful thought-provoking script that prevents anything from slipping past the audience’s attention, it’s hardly possible for one’s attention to be diverted from the play. Especially when watching actors who have been taken out of their comfort zone, one finds themselves in a labyrinth of questions and constant contemplation. In this state, distinctions like ordinary audience versus non-ordinary audience become meaningless. When the fourth player, Gabriel, entered with a coded briefcase and later revealed the committed crime, instead of wondering about the real perpetrator of the crime, my mind immediately turned to the question, “who is the real law enforcement officer?” As soon as I asked myself this question, I thought this could turn into an educational format. In my opinion, it’s an extraordinarily multi-layered game for interactive learning and education. I’ve already extracted the basic topics to be revisited through brainstorming.


The dystopian world in 1984 is brutal, terrifying, and the politics are quite ingeniously crafted. Here too, there are some implicit similarities and overlaps. If we recall, Orwell in 1984 provides insights into how the world could gradually transform into a terrifying totalitarian dystopia. The game is filled with excitement, tension, governance, authority, the lonely individual, hedonism, and self-centeredness. It’s a game that keeps adrenaline levels ingeniously high, incorporating high IQ and psychological analysis rather than just budget considerations. Within the flow of the game, there are moments when one might wonder if Mr. Z resembles Winston Smith from George Orwell’s 1984.

In Çiğdem Yorgancioglu’s CLC 360N Education Workshops, some of the “Bay Z” topic headings emerged during the game. The texts in the explanations of the headings are also like that.

Here are the MIM CHI 360- CLC 360 education headings and the initial brainstorming:

In the game, some of the topic headings emerged. The texts in the explanations of the headings are also like that.

Here are the MIM CHI 360- CLC 360 education headings and the initial brainstorming:

“Some LUMINOL is missing to hide the evidence in this game. -Bay Z and Social Psychology Subjects – Where is 360 Million USD? And Whose Routine Is It -? Social Psychology Stockholm Syndrome, Neuroscience and Market Vegetable Shelves, Criminal Psychology and Brazen Defense Mechanisms – Reading Hamlet Through Thermodynamic Principles To Be Or Not To Be – Reading Neighborly Laughter Through Bay Z – Reading 1984 Orwell Through Bay Z – Film Reading of 12 Angry Men Through Bay Z Agatha Christie Approach Crime Scene and Character Analysis – Bay Z – Beautiful Mind Film Reading – Scientific Political Language and Manipulative Guidance Mechanisms – Oddities of Intelligence Questions – Methodical Approach to Approach Method – Under-the-table Ethics, Game Theory Persuasion and Negotiation, Long Leg Illusion – Morrison Character and Oedipus Complex, Interrogation Room and Game Theory, Cryptic Intelligence, Ethical Analysis of Bay Z, Ethical Trade Defective Goods and Neuroscience, Ethical Financial Audit Intent or Neglect – Machine Learning Cybernetic and Kinesthetic – The Persuasive Power of Touch – Deception in the Field of Manipulation – Flawless Defense Paradigm – Traps of Intelligence and Arrogance Fallacies – Photographic Memory Illusions – Chess Sudoku Routine – “Possible Place Examination Fallacies in Cause-Effect Relationships – Private Affairs of Bosses – Favorable Ethics Fallacy – Dynamics of Behaving According to Expectations – Examination of Orchestration of Those Who Turn Their Talents into Unethical Strategic Advantage – Suspicion and Descartes Examinations – Solidarity-Cooperation Automation Paradox. “Decipher and Code” – Subliminal Contextuality on the Surface. – Examination Workshop of the Phenomenon of Bias Based on Interest – Workshop on Transferring Plot from White Collar to Blue Collar Scenario Bay Z, Dialectical Serial Knot Solution Readings – Solution Phase Foggy Brain Paradigm and Symbol Readings – Ethical Leadership and Governance through Totalitarianism Criticism Readings – Agatha Christie Murder – Killer-Attendant Trilogy – If There Is No Crime Tool and Corpses, Which Law in Thermodynamics Comes into Play? Three-Layered Crypto Architecture – SOPHISTICATED Banal Dilemma – Inclusion and Marginalization of Ordinary Appearance – Dramatic Conflicts and Defense Mechanisms – Metaphor Paradox – Social Psychology Experiments – Persuasive Power in Stories and Examples – Persuasion of the Audience – Neurobiology Psychosocial and Motivation – Theoretical Theater – Freud Analysis and Superficial Touches without Diagnosis, Treatment and Healing in Psychoanalytic Field – Cognitive Interaction Reading with the Viewer – Pandora’s Box Bag Injector – Actual Price 30 or 25? Sustainability Frugal Siphon Deception – Mythomania – Fallacy of Worth-Remembering Person and Inclusion Workshops – Fallacy of Distributing 2 Lira to 3 People When Putting 5 Lira in the Pocket – Bay Z and Capricorn One Reading – Innocence Principle and Attempt to Crime and Proportionality in Punishment – How Does the Soil of a Yet Unstolen Money Become Abundant? Rehearsal of Professional Clichés in Governance – Text and Character Analyses – Readings of Privacy Area and Body Language – Çiğdem Yorgancioglu MIM CHI 360 Readings of Weight Displacement and Breathing – Pencil Tic on Lumbosacral Region on Arm and Neocortex Mind Games – Deceptiveness of Openly Present – Broken-legged Defendant Chair – Weaknesses Parade – Crime Victim or Victim? Is the Defense Missing in the Final? High IQ Paradox? Manipulation Authority Micromanagement Critique in Corporate Governance – Analysis of Small Bourgeoisie and Neo-Economic Theory – Ethics, Lineage and Fish that Smells from the Beginning – Fallacy of Oedipus Complex with Men Living with Every Mother – CLC 360 Bay Z and Synaptic Pruning – Çiğdem Yorgancioglu CLC 360- 9/11 Crypto Messaging References on Crime Science and Behavioral Psychological Readings – Precursors of Machine Learning Readings

In Çiğdem Yorgancioglu’s CLC 360N Education Workshops, some of the “Bay Z” topic headings emerged. Whose Routine Is 360 Million USD in -? Social Psychology Stockholm Syndrome, Neuroscience and Market Vegetable Shelves, Criminal Psychology and Brazen Defense Mechanisms – Under-the-table Ethics, Game Theory Persuasion and Negotiation, Long Leg Illusion – Morrison Character and Oedipus Complex, Interrogation Room and Game Theory, Cryptic Intelligence, Ethical Analysis of Bay Z, Ethical Trade Defective Goods and Neuroscience, Ethical Financial Audit Intent or Neglect – Machine Learning Cybernetic and Kinesthetic – The Persuasive Power of Touch – Critique of Manipulation Authority Micromanagement in Corporate Governance – Deception in the Field of Manipulation in Çiğdem Yorgancioglu’s CLC 360 – Flawless Defense Paradigm – Traps of Intelligence and Arrogance. “Those Who Can Turn Their Talents into Strategic Advantage.- Let’s Pass Them All at Once Line by Line Janet’s Line CLC360 “Doubt in Routine and Dose”

Çiğdem Yorgancioglu CLC 360 Agatha Christie Murder – Killer-Attendant Trilogy – If There Is No Crime Tool and Corpses, Is There No Crime? Which Law in Thermodynamics Comes into Play? Three-Layered Crypto Architecture – CLC 360 SMART SWOT Analysis Workshop Intelligence and Arrogance Is the Strongest Point of Human or Its Weak Point?


In a company where the shenanigans resembling “Organize İşler” are already in full swing with a single-stage set design, the traces of what’s happening are actually evident from the beginning of the game when read between the lines. The central question of the game becomes clear from the very beginning: who is the main culprit behind the scenes? The question of who is at the helm or who else is involved is essentially answered holistically by the one asking the question… “everyone.”

When it comes to voting, is unanimity or majority vote more important? Perhaps the lack of understanding of the concept of qualified majority vote is the deficiency. When the number of voters is low, this becomes insignificant. However, if one’s conscience and sense of justice are accurately balanced, the distinguishability among meanings can be observed. The subject of education is a philosophical reasoning.


Rather than giving a speech inviting to courtesy, when Janet responds with a charismatic silent reaction, locking eyes with her interlocutor in response to Morrison’s excuse, the section “I had already perceived it that way” is a field of study in itself that requires depth and different perspectives in terms of education and personal development.


In a managerial position, a white-collar, presentable, long-legged, and attractive woman.

If we ask whether there is a company culture that excludes different identities, that part is a bit blurry. Regarding Janet’s sexual orientation, about which we do not know how much she has or has not progressed in constructing a false heterosexual identity in the past, let’s look at the attitudes of the other three male characters. In this attitude, there is no direct pejorative belittlement regarding the emotional and/or sexual attraction between two women. On the other hand, while Janet’s sexual orientation, that is, her choice in line with her gender identity, is openly disclosed as “the four of us like women,” she does not feel guilty or ashamed. However, although the three men are not directly homophobic, when accused, they do not refrain from making a concerted effort to make a woman’s, Janet’s, sexual orientation a pressure point and to embarrass her. Nevertheless, it seems that they do not view female homosexuality as a psychopathological phenomenon.

Janet, to whom references to her sexual preference are made, does not seem to be shaken by the innuendos. The corresponding analysis is “DENIAL” in psychology. Topics such as Strategic Tactical Resistance and Defense Readings – examination are also open to discussion in workshops.

The portrayal of fear, dread, anger, anxiety, alienation, helplessness accompanying the crime and punishment delivered by Gabriel to the characters is limited and not very pronounced. Regarding this situation; rather than reactions of reptilian brain, the reactions of managers take on a sophisticated style that directly appeals to the frontal brain with psychological elements, or it can simply be seen as “cool” and internally consistent in this sense. On the other hand, it may be perceived as unrealistic by an audience lacking sufficient sophisticated accumulation or disdaining a calm approach, or as very apathetic or emotionless reactions.

There is not enough data to make a general judgment about being stigmatized or stereotyped by society regarding homosexuality. This area could be considered a subject for layered and cross-examination in trainings regarding contextuality.


Firstly, there is no extreme neurotic condition directly associated with suppressing instincts in terms of character reactions throughout the game. On the other hand, we are faced with four egos that can be analyzed from a psychoanalytic perspective.

The formative role of gender identity and sexual orientation has not been assigned in the defense among the three heterosexuals. The scrutiny of Janet’s sexual orientation phenomenon, which also gives vague bisexual impressions, suggests that it does not remain limited to liking the same sex. Let me explain why I referred to bisexuality as vague. Scientific research is replete with evidence that homosexual sexual experience is much more common than homosexual orientation within society. Experiencing this does not equate to having this orientation. Furthermore, there’s a feeling from Janet’s dialogue that this might be the case.

By the way, if Janet is indeed bisexual, things get a bit more complicated. According to scientific research, bisexual individuals face discrimination not only from the general population towards their homosexual relationships but also within homosexual groups due to discriminatory attitudes towards their heterosexual relationships. In short, they experience even more stress. If this is the case, this stress doesn’t seem to have visibly affected Janet. Regardless of the perspective from which you look at the game, it makes you think from every angle, bringing along these very enjoyable ambiguities.


The repetition of questioning the vulnerability of company confidential information during showers following sexual intimacies that are not felt ashamed of in the private lives of the characters, derived from the characters’ narrations, is both satirical and repetitive cliché. Essentially, individuals with high IQs should already be taking measures to secure company information security in such incidents, but this might have been intentionally crafted by the screenwriter in the context of referring to human vulnerabilities. It would be erroneous to assume and call it a contradictory situation. By the way, in the game, the defense mechanism of projection, frequently resorted to by characters to eliminate cognitive dissonance and against accusations, is repeated, which also resembles a chess game.


Morrison’s statements about Mr. Z, which reveal the first evidence that the victim can solve the crime by their own methods instead of reporting it to the police, are evident. However, the emphasis on this is mostly drawn from Gabriel’s explicit remarks. “Rest in peace” … Instead of attempting to steal money as a punishment for attempting to steal money, it’s the punishment of ending one’s life. In other words, we understand that the victim was subjected to murder and disproportionate use of force for the money he did not steal but attempted to steal.


The name Janet, carrying a meaning akin to “God’s mercy be upon you,” the angel Gabriel, and the spiritual connotations it evokes. Morrison’s name being associated with Christian saints directs my thoughts to Sharp, who doesn’t evoke these connotations.

Morrison, from Maurice, an Old French personal name introduced to Britain by the Normans and commonly used in England and Scotland. The name’s derivation from Latin Mauritius, a derivative of Maurus, and the fact that it shares names with some early Christian saints, doesn’t seem like a coincidence. In fact, Gabriel is an angel sent to the world in human form to convey God’s works to humans based on the power of God in religious texts accepted in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. Hence, Gabriel. A character who comes with a bag disguised as a coded medical examination kit, delivering the message of what’s happening. It evokes the saying, “Will the envoy not be upset?”


You can read the game through Kafka as well as through Rodney William Whitaker, also known as “Trevanian.” For example, born as the child of an aristocratic Russian mother and a mysterious German father in China during the destruction of the First World War, Go guru Nicholai Hel emerges as the world’s most skillful lover and most talented lover, surviving Hiroshima’s destruction. Successful and highly paid assassin. He is determined to achieve shibumi: personal excellence, effortless excellence: the decision to reach shibumi. The clues of ruthless power and corruption can be read through Shibumi and Bay Z, as well as Kafka’s The Trial and its derivatives, all through his novels.

Sometimes I felt like I met Havel from Milan Kundera’s book The Unbearable Lightness of Being. Zweig’s book Chess or Twelve Angry Men. In short, Bay Z is such a fiction that contextually it offers many different reading options to its audience. A cube of intelligence filled with manipulation that establishes authority without domination and subliminal messages.

I suggest you go and see it before it becomes part of the archives, then we can talk about it if you wish.

If we quote from the Conclusion section of the Compilation prepared by Yorgancıoğlu regarding BAY Z;

There’s no curtain to close (and open) before the applause. The play has been running for 5 years. I would like the curtain of the play never to close, even if it is played once a month. I don’t know if the lack of a large budget for the stage contributes to the success, perhaps that’s an unknown factor. It’s just what I wish for. It was also very nice to meet, even for a short time, a team equipped in the play and in life, and witness their humble modesty. Kudos to each one of them for their effort.




Examples from Çiğdem Yorgancıoğlu’s Dance and Theatrical Dance Career

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