Başak Zerman Adjust 2023 Mobile Marketing Forecasts

Başak ZERMAN / Adjust 2023 Mobile Marketing Forecasts

Adjust Middle East, Turkey and Africa Sales Manager Başak ZERMAN announced.

Başak Zerman said that in 2023, maximizing marketing efficiency with centralized data will become the first priority of companies.

“Today, marketers have to be more strategic when using their budgets to maximize performance. Their ability to make the right and quick decisions, which they use to determine where to make the most effective investments, is the fine line between success and failure. A unified and centralized approach to data analysis and reporting, 2023 This approach has a twofold benefit: First, having data from all channels and sources in one place quickly and easily increases productivity and efficiency. Second, this approach saves company expenses in the long run with economies of scale. It’s a very good way to drop it.”

At Adjust, we see 2023 as a year in which Marketing teams should achieve good results with less resources. The structure of the marketing arena is changing. We are entering an era where a few advanced tools can do better in many different channels than the 30+ tools used by corporate marketing departments. In today’s highly competitive business environment, with the impending recession, it is not surprising that companies are trying to do more with less resources. One of the effects is the growth in investment in automation capabilities. This enables companies to automate repetitive and manual daily work, enabling UA and growth managers to quickly identify anomalies, and allow you to focus on more valuable and broad areas to grow your business.

Another important subject; big brands will become ad networks Big brands such as Spotify, Walmart and Uber are finding ways to monetize first-party data, and as more brands realize the value of this in the future, they will now use opportunities to create their own ad networks. While aggregated data is the bright star of the future, marketers and advertisers will continue to leverage the highest value users for measurement and monetization. Social media giants used to be primary ad providers with large and global user bases, but now other brands with large user bases are competing with them. These brands will not miss the big business opportunity before them to sell ads and build their own ad networks. Brands that can combine large user bases and a good follower approval rate are likely to find success and emerge as formidable competitors in what was once social media dominated.

And of course, CTV strategies will be used to target niche audiences White label streaming technologies are gaining popularity and their use is getting easier. Combined with the growing popularity of AVOD and FAST, this will bring great vitality to streaming services aimed at very specific audiences, and will also allow marketers to run highly targeted ads with special campaigns that will enable them to generate huge ROI with conversions. While highly specialized streaming services may not reach the large audiences that linear TV and mainstream SVOD do, they offer highly precise targeting options based on demographics and behavioral patterns. In this way, it allows advertisers to develop special campaigns that attract consumers’ attention and even lead them to conversion at every stage of the conversion funnel. With its comprehensive measurement capabilities, marketers will be able to take advantage of the power of CTV while at the same time be able to take the wind of better performance and effective advertising in this field.

CTV advertising will face the upcoming recession. CTV has become a measurable performance marketing channel that provides more precise targeting and higher return on investment. The recession in the economy accelerated the process of users canceling their TV subscriptions, which paved the way for more ad inventory in the market. We’ve reached a point where the entire user journey is measurable. Using data from the upper stages of the conversion funnel, marketers can see exactly how TV ads rank across their marketing goals. Thanks to solutions like CTV AdVision, it’s now easy to see how CTV contributes to channels lower in the conversion funnel like Google Ads and Apple Search Ads. These insights are critical to optimizing costs in the current economic situation.

Money follows metering

“Challenges in the economy and industry will make the measurement of marketing campaigns and its ability to deliver ROI critical in the new year. According to eMarketer estimates, mobile advertising will account for 77% of global digital ad spend by 2024. Therefore, the potential to reach new users will increase. higher than ever for mobile marketers.

Money tracks where you can measure. The reason why the move to digital has been so big over the past decade is primarily because of its measurement capabilities, and the same goes for the move to mobile.”

The rise of “ordinary developers”

“Citizen developers will come across as a common way to scale app development beyond traditional methods. Complex code will be replaced by low-code and no-code methods, enabling non-technical people in everyday teams to develop customer-centric applications using simple development tools. Companies It will no longer only work with highly trained developers, data scientists or engineers for product development. With the proliferation of casual developers, companies will be able to accelerate product development by training a wide range of employees who lack real programming training and expertise. This change will not only meet the expectations of rapid product development, but also It will also enable people without technical expertise to work closer to their business goals and customer expectations.”

Forecasting and strategic budget planning are coming back

“This year, we will see companies focus more on forecasting and strategic budget planning than ever before. Today’s marketers are so focused on metrics like user acquisition, ad spend and return on ad spend (ROAS) that less emphasis is placed on strategy and forward planning. In the next few years, we will see a resurgence of forecasting with the media mix model (MMM) as a way to determine the impact of marketing strategies on business goals, as well as data-driven attribution. It’s a very good way to measure the impact of non-traditional media channels such as ‘TV’s and digital outdoor advertising.”

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